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Consumer Reports on Juice Cleanses: Chef V Smashes Expectations

Is a juice cleanse right for you? Before you spend a penny on detoxing, I really want you to do some due diligence. How does Chef V stack up against some of the competition? Let’s let the experts at Consumer Reports decide if my cleanse is healthy.... (Hint - our low sugar cleanse beats everyone for a key healthy nutrient: PROTEIN and FIBER).

Consumer Reports on Juice Cleanses: Chef V Smashes Expectations2018-08-11T19:20:59+00:00

Vitamin K: Why I Care

Next Time You Get a Boo-Boo, Thank This Underappreciated Nutrient. You already know vitamins A & C are important for health and what they do (they’re antioxidants). But can you name one thing about vitamin K? Getting enough phylloquinone in your diet? Although deficiencies are rare, if you’re not getting enough of it, your heart, bones and blood clotting can suffer.

Vitamin K: Why I Care2018-06-25T16:07:05+00:00

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels: Are You Pre-diabetic?

Monitoring your blood sugar? If you are pre-diabetic or suspect you are, monitoring your blood sugar levels is a good idea if you want to prevent developing it. But what levels should you shoot for and how do you test blood sugar? I explain and offer a few simple tips for helping keep blood sugar levels normal.

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels: Are You Pre-diabetic?2018-05-06T23:28:28+00:00

Chef V: Cleansing from the Expert, Veronica Wheat

Doing a cleanse should be fun, easy and affordable. But many cleanses feel like torture. Sure, you might lose weight doing any cleanse on the market. But what happens shortly after the cleanse is over most of the time? That's right ... the weight you lost goes right back on. But doing a Chef V cleanse is different. And here to talk about how it's different is none other than Veronica Wheat, Chef V herself. 

Chef V: Cleansing from the Expert, Veronica Wheat2018-07-29T20:24:04+00:00