Resources: Healthy Portions Guide

Use my Healthy Portions Chart for planning meals at home and sticking to your Healthy Routine when you’re eating out. Use the Healthy Portions Chart below to adjust recipes as needed.

Hint: if you are using this guide on a phone, turn your phone sideways to see the complete table.

(6oz. serving)
(1/2 cup serving)
(unlimited servings)
(6oz. serving)
BeansQuinoaAny leafy greenGarlic
NutsBrown RiceBroccoli & CauliflowerGinger
AvocadoWild RiceGreen BeansBasil
Wild SalmonBlack RicePeasCilantro
Fresh TunaBlack BeansZucchiniParsley
TroutKidney BeansAny SquashRosemary
MackerelLentilsSweet potatoThyme
Canned TunaPinot BeansCarrotsRed Chili Flakes
Cold Water FishLima BeansParsnipsCayenne Pepper
Organic ChickenWhite BeansCabbagesBlack pepper
Organic TurkeyGluten & Cornfree PastaOnions & BulbsNo-salt Seasloning
DuckMushroomsRaw Coconut Oil
(1 tbsp.)
LambCucumberCold Press Olive Oil
(1 tbsp.)
CabbageApple Cider Vinegar
Snap peasBalsamic Vinegar
AvocadoCoconut Aminos
(soy sauce sub)
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