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Vegan Eggnog for the Holidays

Spread holiday cheer with our vegan take on a traditional favorite, eggnog. This thick, wonderfully flavored beverage can be made in many ways than one. Why not try our adult version with coconut nectar and almond milk.

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Top 5 Ways to Use Green Drink

Now that your Green Drink has arrived, what do you do with it? Should you chug the whole thing in one sitting like you’re at a frat party? Or do you daintily sip it like Mary Poppins drinking a cuppa tea? Whether you chug or sip is totally up to you. More important is learning how to incorporate Green Drink into your everyday routine. Here are5 ways to use Green Drink every day:

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Chef V’s Moussaka

On my trip to Greece I fell in love with Moussaka. But not with the ingredients - too much fat and carbs. Here is my healthier version. Make it vegan: replace the lamb with 3c ups of minced mushrooms.

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