Chef V Soups

Making Bone Broth

Making bone broth with Chef V - learn how to make versatile, delicious, so good for you bone broth. This broth uses organic chicken bones and leftover veggies.

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Black Bean Soup

Black Bean soup, warm and comforting, is a creamy main course for a crisp fall evening. You can easily double or triple this recipe and have delicious leftovers on hand for easy meal planning.

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Creamy Curry Pumpkin Soup

There’s something special about cooking comforting meals like this during the Fall that will warm you up and have your kitchen smelling festive. Cozy up with someone you love and enjoy this delicious pumpkin soup on a cool fall night!

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Creamy Beet Soup

Beets, including beet greens, contain an amazing array of antioxidants, other vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein.  - Veronica

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Little Leprechaun Soup

Living with diabetes isn’t a life sentence. In fact, it is possible to reverse diabetes. Sure, it’s going to take a lifestyle adjustment, including getting regular exercise and diet modification. But with these 2 easy hacks, you’ll be on your way to managing your diabetes.

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