Five Ways to use Green Drink

Now that your Green Drink has arrived, what do you do with it?  Should you chug the whole thing in one sitting like you’re at a frat party? Or do you daintily sip it like Mary Poppins drinking a cuppa tea?

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The Best Natural Probiotic (Hint: It’s Not Yogurt)

Taking a probiotic is good for your gut health. If you eat a low-fiber diet rich in processed (junk) food, then you should definitely be taking a high-quality probiotic.  But there’s an even easier, and perhaps healthier way to achieve a healthier microbiome. It turns out that the best probiotic source is …. Wait for it … wait for it …..

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Plant-Based Meats: New and Delicious

it's time to meet the new plant-based meats. As more consumers are switching to plant-based proteins, or eating less meat, the quality of meat substitutes has radically improved. I'll share with you a few of my favorite brands as well as a couple you should avoid.

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