What Should I Eat For Lunch If I’m In A Hurry?

When I first started Chef V, I was asked the question so many times, “Hey Veronica, what should I eat?” But I can’t believe that in all this time, I haven’t really addressed the more specific question, “What should I eat if I’m always in a hurry?” I’ll provide you with some healthy on-the-go eating tips.

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The Best Natural Probiotic (Hint: It’s Not Yogurt)

Taking a probiotic is good for your gut health. If you eat a low-fiber diet rich in processed (junk) food, then you should definitely be taking a high-quality probiotic.  But there’s an even easier, and perhaps healthier way to achieve a healthier microbiome. It turns out that the best probiotic source is …. Wait for it … wait for it …..

The Best Natural Probiotic (Hint: It’s Not Yogurt)2019-09-08T21:55:05+00:00

Plant-Based Meats: New and Delicious

it's time to meet the new plant-based meats. As more consumers are switching to plant-based proteins, or eating less meat, the quality of meat substitutes has radically improved. I'll share with you a few of my favorite brands as well as a couple you should avoid.

Plant-Based Meats: New and Delicious2019-08-18T22:48:44+00:00