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Cleansing with Diabetes? 100% Possible! ….Read Whitney’s Story.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to share Whitney’s (@happypancreas) story amidst her journey with Type 1 Diabetes - an incurable disease that affects the body’s immune system response, leading to the inability of the cells in the pancreas to create the blood-sugar-controlling hormone, insulin. 

Cleansing with Diabetes? 100% Possible! ….Read Whitney’s Story.2019-07-16T17:19:07+00:00

Angelica’s 21 Day Detox Success!

For so long, I’ve felt bloated, clouded and discouraged by the feeling that I’m not reaching my health goals because of constant cravings. Doing Chef V’s 21 Day Cleanse has helped me realize that I am what I consume and all the sugary things advertised as “healthy” or “clean” isn’t as they seem. I cut out processed foods, dairy, and gluten and noticed the physical difference.

Angelica’s 21 Day Detox Success!2018-07-14T22:43:37+00:00

Valerie’s 3 Day Cleanse Success

I feel AMAZING. My cellulite is basically gone. My bloat is much improved (wish I could have done longer!). My skin feels luscious and soft. And I am a whole new weight... from precleanse (first picture) to 2 days postcleanse (2nd picture) I am now down to 149. I lost almost 10lbs! This not only made me feel physically amazing but lots of mental clarity as well. Really can't wait for my next cleanse!

Valerie’s 3 Day Cleanse Success2018-07-09T19:53:08+00:00