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Sure, you can beat the heat by staying inside all day and cranking up the A/C. But where’ the fun in that? Instead, try some of my tips that’ll help you stay cool when it’s hot and muggy outside.


Remember when you were a kid and used to stick your head in the freezer?

I still do that.

Living near the beach in San Diego, most people don’t have A/C.

And with summers becoming increasingly warmer, I may end up spending half the day with my head in the freezer.

That’s obviously both counterproductive and unrealistic.

So I’d like to share with you some practical, less obvious ways to beat the heat this time of year, when it’s super hot and muggy.

In fact, I’m using these tips myself.

You see, Brandon (my husband), Coconut (my canine kid) and I are in New Jersey, where we’re about to open our newest Chef V storefront.

It’s really exciting. But it’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Especially sweat.

You see, I’m not used to East Coast sticky summers.

The tips I’m about to share with you aren’t coming from me while I’m leisurely pecking away on my laptop, sitting poolside in the shade on a perfect 75-degree San Diego sunny day.

Nope, I’m sharing this advice with you minutes after hauling boxes from the car into the warehouse, pits drenched in sweat.

Brynny's successful Chef V cleanse

Staying Cool In Summer

Besides the obvious things like jumping in a pool, river or lake, here’s what I do to stay cool, even while I’m cleansing….

Recently, I shared with you why summer is the best time to do a cleanse. I also put together this post that offers lots of tips for doing a successful cleanse (any time of year).

Also, I wrote about how August is an especially good time of the year to go raw vegan (that’s why it’s called Rawgust!).

So now that it’s Rawgust, here are some tricks for staying cool while you’re cleansing this time of year.

Use Essential Oils To Cool Your Engine

Brandon didn’t believe me when I told him this would help cool him down….

After a couple hours of transferring packing materials to our soon-to-be completed storefront, Brandon was drenched.

“Here, babe … let me rub a few drops of this on the back of your neck….”

I can’t remember what Brandon said verbatim, but it was something along the lines of:

“Get that hippie dippie New Agey stuff out of my face!”

I just laughed and proceeded to rub a few drops of peppermint essential oil on the back of his neck.

“Holy ____, that works!” Brandon said.

Yes, it does, my dear.

Now, granted, rubbing cooling essential oils on the back of your neck might not be as effective as, say, sticking your head in a freezer, but for a quick relief from the heat it does work.

Certain essential oils such as peppermint are clinically proven to reduce skin temperature. And, peppermint also helps ease tension headaches, something both Brandon and I have been experiencing opening the new shop here in New Jersey. (Dealing with contractors is part of the unglamorous nature of being an entrepreneur you don’t hear about.)

Moreover, peppermint acts as a stimulant. It’s not like drinking a few cups of coffee, but it will make you feel like you have extra pep in your step, even in the heat.

You can also apply peppermint to your wrists and temple. But if you have sensitive skin, only test a small amount on a small area of skin to make sure you won’t have a breakout or burn.

To be extra safe, dilute the oil with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil.

How to Make Your Own Cooling Oil Blend

I keep a small bottle of peppermint oil in my purse. But this time of year what I also do is keep a small spray bottle handy. I shpritz the peppermint oil on my face when I feel hot.

There’s a ton of DIY “stay cool” essential oil recipes on the net. But the easiest way to do it is mix about 15-20 drops of peppermint oil with double that amount of almond oil. Blend it well, then dilute with an ounce or two of water. Add to the spray bottle and you’ve got instant, natural air-conditioning at your fingertips.

When you’re doing a cleanse you’re consuming less calories to begin with. And when it’s really hot and muggy, you’re appetite plummets. So make sure you’re staying cool while cleansing in the summer. Otherwise, you might be vulnerable to fainting or not being able to concentrate at work.

You can also apply peppermint oil directly to a cold compress for extra relief.

raw food pyramid

Staying Cool While Cleansing By “Taking a Sheet”

Let me apologize for the uncouth pun I’m about to share. It’s not my fault—it’s Brandon’s.

When I told him what I was writing right now, I told him about “sheetali” breathing.

“Nice! I’ve gotta take a big sheetali … breath myself now.”

Brandon’s usually not that immature, but I gotta admit, I did chuckle just now when he said it.

Again, my apologies….

Anyhow, sheetali breathing slows down your parasympathetic nervous system. That’s your “rest and digest” part of your body that you don’t even think about. And when it slows down, it can help you cool down.

Here’s how you do it: sit upright but be comfortable. Close your eyes. Try to Zen everything out, even the heat.

Stick out your tongue as far as possible. But not so far that you feel like someone is pulling your tongue out with plyers.

Roll your tongue until the sides of it are facing upwards.

Take a deep breathe for a count of four. Make sure your tongue is still rolled. 

After the fourth breath, close your mouth.

Now, exhale for a six-Mississippi count through your nostrils.

Try doing this 10 times at least.

Will sheetali breathing have the same effect as jumping into a glacial-fed lake? Of course not, but with enough practice, you will indeed feel a little cooler. And besides, it’s also good to help your mind feel cool while cleansing in summer.

water for summer

Drink Water: DUH!

It goes without saying that you should drink lots of water to stay hydrated. In addition, I recommend adding an extra Green Drink to your day. I start each morning with 16 oz. of Green Drink. When you’re doing a Chef V Cleanse you’re getting 4 Green Drinks a day. But if you’re not doing one of my official cleanses, just to stay cool and stay hydrated, I recommend doing a Green Drink in the morning and afternoon.

But let me get back to drinking water.

Even though it’s the most important non-nutrient, for many people, water is just too boring.

So, to make your water more appetizing, learn how to make your own spa detox water.

You can infuse water with cucumber, strawberry, lemon, lime, pomegranate, mint, orange, basil, and just about any other creative concoction.

But to keep it simple, just cut up some lemon into slices and add them to a pitcher of cool water. Also add some mint leaves to it. Cucumber slices and strawberry is my other favorite way to make water more sexy.

And to further stay hydrated while tickling your taste buds, check out my summer recipe drinks. There’s lemon-ginger, watermelon slushie, and plenty of others that will help you stay cool in summer.

Now, then, where’s the closest freezer?

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