Is a juice cleanse right for you? Before you spend a penny on detoxing, I really want you to do some due diligence. How does Chef V stack up against some of the competition? Let’s let the experts at Consumer Reports decide if my cleanse is healthy…. (Hint – my new Low Sugar Cleanse beats everyone for a key healthy nutrient: PROTEIN and FIBER!)


One of the keys to happiness according to the Dalai Lama is don’t compare yourself to other people.

Wise words, indeed.

Call it a sign of spiritual weakness on my part, but I actually love being compared to other people.

Especially when I come out on top.

Well, not really. More accurately, I love when Chef V cleanse and detox products are compared to the competition.

You see, Consumer Reports, the venerable, non-partisan consumer advocacy research group, recently released two reports, comparing leading brands of juice cleanses.

The first report compares different Green Drinks.  

And I’m happy to say that not only do we meet Consumer Reports’ stringent criteria on what makes a green drink truly healthy, we far exceed it.

Consumer Reports also compares different brands of juice cleanses.

Now, before I discuss how my cleanse compares to the brands mentioned in the report–spoiler alert: we crush it!–I want to ask you the following….

Chef V protein shake for low sugar cleanse

Above – Chef V Protein Shake and Shaker included in my new Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

Is A Juice Cleanse Necessary?

The title of CR’s report is thought-provoking: Is a juice cleanse necessary?

This is a totally fair question to ask.

After all, before you hit the buy now button, consider the average 3-day juice cleanse costs $200.

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I mean, don’t get me wrong, I get it. I’ve been there….

You party your tush off in Cabo (or Cancun) for a week. The frozen daiquiris and margaritas go down way too smooth.

The food is epic. An endless buffet of mouthwatering, tender carnitas and lots of other animal flesh. (Now you know why cardiologists and weight loss coaches are so busy.)

You come back home bloated, overweight, foggy brained and feeling run down.

And now you get why, as Consumer Reports points out, Americans spend over $200 million a year on bottled juice cleanses every year. You can totally relate.

But back to my question….

Is it really necessary to do a cleanse? Can’t you just start eating healthy right now? Can’t you just eat a couple salads a day and get yourself back on track?


However, for some people, including myself when I occasionally fall off the wagon (hey, I’m only human), the last thing I want to do after I overindulge is think about food.

Let alone making it, even a salad.

And when you can get a Chef V Cleanse delivered to your house, no matter where you live in the continental U.S., what better way to gently give your digestive system a break from eating heavy meals?….


Juice Cleanse Comparison: How Chef V Compares

But just buying juice in a bottle isn’t necessarily going to put you back on the fast track to wellness.

As Consumer Reports explains, there’s a major problem with many juice cleanse programs. They’re mostly just fruit juice with very little fiber.

Perhaps no other nutrient than fiber helps keep your digestive system running smoothly. In light of this, why would anyone pay a couple hundred bucks or more for a 3-day cleanse that offers very little of it and lots of insulin-spiking sugar?

However, as Consumer Reports points out, many leading brands of bottled juice cleanses don’t contain nearly enough fiber (and other nutrients).

Take for instance, Suja. I would never mention the competition, but in this case, Consumer Reports (CR) highlights it in its comparison chart. And according to the chart, Suja’s Original Fresh Start fiber content is 2 grams. Not per serving. Rather, the whole day!

I don’t know about you, but if I only have 2 grams of fiber a day for three days or more, my system is going to be backed up.

And my husband, Brandon, is the one who would suffer most, not me. He’d have to deal with my crankiness and mood swings.

But luckily for him, I’m a certified nutritional therapist and understand how crucial it is to get enough fiber in the diet—even when doing a calorie-restricted cleanse.


Veronica Explains her new Chef V Low Sugar  Cleanse

Chef V vs Other Leading Brands of Juice Cleanse

Consumer Reports is actually being kind to Suja. If you look at Suja’s website, the brand’s original fresh start consists of 5 different juices. According to the nutritional label on the the product page, each of the 5 juices on the 3 day cleanse contains 0 grams of fiber.

I’m not sure where CR is getting the 2 grams from.

The point is that you need adequate fiber. Fiber helps eliminate toxins from your body. How can something be called a cleanse if it backs up your pipes like a clogged toilet?

Suja isn’t the only brand dissed by Consumer Reports for being woefully inadequate in fiber. Blueprint Renovation Cleanse clocks in at only 5 grams per serving; Organic Avenue Love Deep isn’t as bad. It contains 12 grams.

Take Your Pick: Just Juice Or Soup & Protein Shakes, Too?

Each day on my new Low Sugar Cleanse (either 3, 5, or 7 day), you get 4 (four) Certified Organic Green Drinks, containing 7 dark leafy greens.

The Green Drinks are cold-blended, not pressed. This preserves the fiber content of the veggies.

With the 4 Green Drinks a day, that’s 4 grams of protein. That’s more than Suja’s Original Fresh Start. But still not enough.

That’s why with my cleanse, you don’t only get bottled juice. You also get Protein Shakes and Detox tea! I’ve seen a few cleanse programs here and there offer tea.

But I’ve yet to meet another cleanse program that offers Green Drinks, Protein Shakes and Detox Tea.

With my cleanse, you get 2 protein shakes a day. One shake is Cinnamon, the other is Chocolate. Both are vegan-friendly.

The Cinnamon one contains brown rice protein, hemp protein and Cassia cinnamon with organic stevia extract.

And the ingredients in chocolate shake are organic pea protein isolate, organic cacao powder, organic stevia, and the natural Chinese herbal sugar substitute that doubles as a powerful antioxidant, Luo Han Guo Extract (80%).

Each shake packet provides at least 3 grams of fiber.

I selected these vegan-friendly proteins because they are super absorbable and very gentle on the digestive system (unlike, say, steak).

I’ve yet to come across another popular cleanse that contains the high-quality ingredients that we offer at such an affordable price. (We didn’t have to put Luo Han Guo in the Chocolate shake; it’s expensive, but I insisted on it.)

I should also point out that each shake contains almost 20 grams of proteins. That’s about 40 grams of protein from the shakes alone. Which is another way my cleanse not only meets Consumer Reports expectations, but far exceeds it.

Take what the report says about protein:

“[Cleanses] don’t provide the full spectrum of nutrients your body requires. The most glaring omission: protein.

But my cleanse has all the protein your body needs to support your muscles, hair and nails and other tissue….

Final fiber count in my 3 Day Cleanse: 17.5 grams – 23.5 grams, depending on the day.

Protein count in my 3 Day Cleanse: approximately 45 grams per day.

Fat content in my 3 Day Cleanse : approximately 5 grams — Just enough to keep you satisfied but low enough to help your system detox.

Please do let me know if you ever come across a cleanse program that offers anywhere close to mine.

Yes, it’s a good idea to never compare yourself to anybody else if you want to be happy.

But with thousands of customers to care for, I have to know how I stack up against the competition.

And I’m completely confident that we not only meet the criteria of what constitutes a healthy cleanse program, we smash it.


Veronica gives you a tour of her Chef V kitchen