Chef V’s Organic Green Drink part of my new daily ritual
Montclair Times, July 6, 2020

What’s kept you going during the pandemic? Did you develop any rituals that somehow took on talismanic properties— at least in your mind? I did.

To begin, I started a daily gratitude prayer practice—something I never thought I’d embrace or stick with. Next, my 16-year-old and I committed to eating well and exercising regularly; something we’d long intended to take on, but never made happen. Then there’s Chef V’s Organic Green Drink, which I’ve come to believe is keeping me strong and healthy. It’s the first thing I try (to remember) to drink upon waking up and ok, so maybe it hasn’t kept me safe from illness,

but it sure as heck increased the amount of living greens I consume, which is a good thing, especially as I … ahem … age.

So who is Chef V and what’s up with that seven leafy greens veggie drink? Farm fresh, organic, always blended and never juiced, her nationally available specialty features black and green kale for a powerful antioxidant combo; cholesterol-busting collards; green leaf lettuce for eyesight and bones; curly parsley to fight inflammation; ironfilled, liver-detoxing dandelion greens, and nutrient-rich powerhouse green chard.

Why drink this even before coffee? “The reason,” Chef V explained, “is because your body and cells are empty in the morning and need nutrients. The green drink is packed with living phytonutrients that can easily be absorbed on an empty stomach. It also gives your belly adequate time to absorb the micro-nutrients before eating a meal.”

What I loved was knowing that before 10 a.m., I already consumed a good amount of my daily greens. Mission accomplished. And PS – it’s gentle and tasty.

I was turned on to Chef V by a great friend and work buddy who tried one of her three-day cleanses. A short term regimen of green juices, handmade protein shakes & detox soups from a private chef/nutritional therapist sounded perfect for me … but in my line of work (eating for a living), I couldn’t make time for the commitment. So i started on a much gentler path: kicking off my day with a glass of juice ($15 for a 64-oz. jug if you pick it up at her West Caldwell shop and commissary).

As the story goes, Veronica launched her daily meal service back in the day, featuring her trademark recipe for The Green Drink. But “what do you do when your recipe for veggie juice … is in high demand from friends, family and your private clients” as it notes on the website. “If you’re Veronica Wheat, you throw caution to the wind, dive into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool and create a megasuccessful nationwide Green Drink delivery company.”

It’s a heckuva story (details at

In no time, Veronica was delivering Green Drinks to more than 100 clients in her San Diego home base. Demand started pouring in from Orange County and Los Angeles. was born. Now the company delivers The Green Drink Plan to 25 states across the US. If you live in

North Jersey, they’ll drop off a week’s worth of product every Wednesday morning between 4-9am, and text you with a photo once it’s left on your doorstep in a bright green, returnable carrier. But you can also head over to Chef V’s Blended Juices, Smoothies & Bowls storefront at the Essex Mall in West Caldwell, where you can talk to Veronica herself and order from an extensive menu of healthy, delicious drinks and bowls. Be sure to call ahead these days to place an order or inquire about hours.

Karen Schloss-Diaz Guest columnist