I hate to rub it in if you live, in, say, Duluth, Minnesota. But recently, I was co-host of a Women’s Wellness Retreat about a half-hour away from Chef V headquarters, in San Diego. The temperature and conditions: 76 degrees and sunny. In February.

So, if you happen to live anywhere near San Diego or Orange, Riverside and LA County, join us for our next Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat.

Sure, it was awesome doing yoga on the beach under the warming rays of the early-morning sun. (Did I mention it was February?)

Chef V’s Next Retreat

Women’s Beach Wellness Retreat
with Lauren Griffith and Chef V

Saturday April 7, 2018 8am-3pm Carlsbad, CA

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Who says learning how to detox can’t be satisfying? Enjoying Chef V’s Detox Salad with delectable cilantro vinaigrette dressing and cauliflower rice recipe and other nutrient-dense goodies.
Enjoying a fresh, organic Detox Salad prepared by Chef V. Soaking in the rays in front of the Ocean Beach Women’s Club, San Diego.

A Women’s Retreat That Inspires Change for the Long Haul

But this retreat was so much more than downward dogs and warrior poses. In fact, at the minimum, it was a fun-filled day of health, fitness and nourishing foods. More accurately, though, I think the retreat served as a lifestyle transformation for the beautiful ladies in attendance.  

From learning how to easily do fat-melting, body-sculpting workouts in the comfort of your own home, and how to cleanse and how to easily make healthy meals and Green Drinks every day, even if you have a busy schedule, there was something for everybody.

Even I felt empowered and inspired by it. What you’ll get out of attending the next Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat is, besides an unforgettably awesome, fun time, are things you can take home with you, both tangible and more ephemeral. We’ve got plenty of giveaways like swag bags, but perhaps more importantly, you’ll leave with several health-building tips and tricks you can implement into your life, for the rest of your life.

Without doubt, women’s retreats are now ubiquitous. But many of them are more like luxurious spa outings. Sure, it’s important to unplug and learn how to enhance your cleanse with spa activities. But rare is the women’s event that not only makes you feel great for the day, with yoga, fitness and nutritious drinks and meals, but one that easily inspires and motivates you to adopt healthy habits for the long term.

See why Chef V makes cleansing easier? Just one bite of this Detox Salad and you’ll experience how satisfying it can be to do a cleanse.

Women’s Retreat: Stay at this “Barre” as long as you want

I’m deeply indebted to my co-host, Lauren Griffith for helping create this amazing, transformational retreat. If you don’t know Lauren, she’s a dynamo. A fitness and wellness expert, Lauren is the creator of Agility Barre® and led the two-day retreat in yoga, boot camp and her unique Agility Barre workouts. In addition, Lauren not only helps you feel great with these workouts, she teaches you how to incorporate yoga and fitness anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are in your day.

You’ll also learn how to make your own smoothies at home as well as cooking tips and recipes to take away. Also, because both Lauren and I are entrepreneurs, our intentions is to help you reach your career and life goals.

I promise you’ll leave this retreat more confident and eager to take on the challenges you may have been reluctant to previously confront.

Reaping the benefit of living in San Diego in February and attending the retreat. Starting the day off right with Beach Yoga.

Sounds great, but what’s in the swag bag?

Everyone will receive an Agility Barre At-Home Workout bundle, specialty clothing, a copy of Chef V’s signed cookbook, Making Cleansing Easier and other top-secret goodies. This most recent retreat, all those who attended received a pair of ToeSox grip socks, which are great to wear while doing an Agility Barre workout at home.

We’d love to see you at the next Women’s Yoga and Wellness Retreat. Click here for more details.

Spinal twist, a yoga pose that’s said to aid in detoxifying the organs. But if that doesn’t work, Chef V’s Green Drinks, Detox Salad and other recipes and tips will help you purge toxins, without feeling deprived. 
Healthy Happy Hour: enjoying a of cucumber lemon drop kombucha mocktail. 
Perfect alignment. Perfect weather. Perfect vibes. Experience it for yourself at the next women’s yoga & wellness retreat.
Did we mention it as 76 degrees and sunny … in February? Next time there’s a polar vortex in the forecast, book a flight to San Diego and join Chef V for her next retreat!
A powerful detox duo: Agility Barre and Organic Green Drink.
Reach for the stars. Even if it’s during the day and you can’t see them. Chef V’s Women’s Yoga & Wellness Retreat will also inspire you to reach for your own career and life goals. 
Your Women’s Retreat co-hosts, entrepreneurs Lauren Griffith, creator of Agility Barre, and Veronica Wheat Kress, creator of the first certified organic Green Drink delivery.
Veronica Wheat Kress, aka Chef V, teaching Women’s Retreat attendees how to make the perfect smoothie. 
Chef V, offering inspiration and practical tips attendees of the Women’s Retreat will take home and implement in their everyday lives.