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Raw Almond Butter: Mo’ Betta When You Make Your Own

I love almond butter and unless you're allergic to it or hate the taste of it, so should you. As a certified nutritional therapist, I believe almond butter is one of the healthiest toppings you can add to a snack. But only if it's a certain kind of almond butter. In fact, not all almond butter is healthy. Some almond butters may even harm your brain. Yikes!

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Let’s get Outdoors!

Stress. It impacts everything we do these days. And it has never been more important to de-stress, to find ways to relax and enjoy the good things in life. How do I keep my cool during these times? I treat myself – and you should treat yourself too. And the treat that makes me happiest this time of year is to get outdoors.

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Montclair Times: Chef V Review

Chef V’s Organic Green Drink, which I’ve come to believe is keeping me strong and healthy. It’s the first thing I try (to remember) to drink upon waking up and ok, so maybe it hasn’t kept me safe from illness... it sure as heck increased the amount of living greens I consume, which is a good thing, especially as I … ahem ... age.

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Vitamin K and Covid 19

Next Time You Get a Boo-Boo, Thank This Underappreciated Nutrient. You already know vitamins A & C are important for health and what they do (they’re antioxidants). But can you name one thing about vitamin K? Getting enough phylloquinone in your diet? Although deficiencies are rare, if you’re not getting enough of it, your heart, bones and blood clotting can suffer.

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Chef V Interview “A Climb to the Top”

Veronica Wheat and Brandon Kress, founders of Chef V, did exactly that, shifting from an unscalable cooking business to becoming the creators and suppliers of a nutrient-filled green drink. By adapting their passion and making that leap, not only did they expand their business exponentially, but they changed lives. This is Chef V’s Story of Transformation.

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It’s Not As Hard As You Think: Top 5 Myths About Doing a Detox

You know it’s time for a detox.  You haven’t been eating healthy. Your belly is chronically bloated. It takes you a couple cups of coffee in the morning to wake up from the dead. And when the caffeine eventually wears off, your mental clarity and energy are foggy and sluggish, respectively.

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30-Day Green Drink Challenge: Improve your Health

There's never been a more important time to stay healthy. Whether we are stuck at home or able to start getting out and about, we need to do everything we can to eat healthy and get all the nutrients we need. There's a simple way to feel energetic, focused, healthy - and even slim down: replace breakfast with my Green Drink or Tropical Smoothie for 30 Days. I invite you to take the 30 Day Green Drink Challenge. (It's actually not that challenging but if you complete the challenge you'll be amazed at your health.)

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Consumer Reports on Green Juice: Chef V Excels

What's the healthiest green juice? According to an article on Consumer Reports, some of the most popular brands fail to meet their strict criteria for what constitutes a healthy green juice. And according to what Consumer Reports says, my recipe has all the  features they regard as healthy, and none of the unhealthy. My Green Drink passes with flying (green) colors! 

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