Chef V's Organic Green Drink is effective at improving your health and well-being. And we’ve got the study to prove it

8 lbs
average number of pounds participants lost

of participants said: overall, I’m feeling better

would recommend to family and friends

  • 34% reduction in inflammation
    (C-reactive protein)

  • 24% reduction in triglycerides
    (dangerous fat in blood)

  • 11% reduction in LDL cholesterol
    (9.2% total cholesterol)

Following the 21 Day Detox, participants reported significant improvements in:

✓ Muscle fatigue, body aches, joint aches, back pain and neck pain

✓ Energy levels, sleep issues, ability to focus and brain fog

✓ Hair loss, dark circles under eyes, acne, dry skin, constipation and bloating

The data from the blood samples and surveys made it clear that the Chef V products elicited a positive change in the participants’ health and well-being during the trial.

About our trial

We partnered with CitrusLabs, in one of the leading Clinical Research Organizations focusing on evidence-based research and clinical studies for building confidence, efficacy, and transparency.

Chef V’s Organic Green Drink study was an IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved clinical research study which investigated both qualitative and quantitative markers of health and well-being.

Overall, the Chef V trial data led to many statistically significant improvements in biomarkers critical for overall health and well-being.

The Study

Study Type:
Interventional (Clinical Trial)

Intervention Model:
Single Group Assignment

Official Title:
This trial was designed to examine the efficacy of the Chef V’s 21-Day Detox (Starter) alongside continuing to use the Green Drink Supplement for a follow-up week.

28 Days of Data:
Thirty-eight men and women were recruited to be a part of the trial. Two blood draws occurred during this trial; one during baseline and after 28 days of using the test products. Additionally, participants were administered surveys at the study Baseline, Day 5, Day 11, Day 21, and Day 28.

Our Customers Say

“Wow!… have I been excited to write this review! (READ WITH CONFIDENCE) This is not the first time I have done a cleanse, so I have others to compare it to as well. In a nut shell: CHEF V ROCKS! That’s the simple version. The long version is that the 21 Day Detox is worth every penny, it is a challenge, and it is positively altering! From day 1 to day 21 of the challenge, I lost a total of 22lbs ….and I continue to lose weight. This cleanse has aftershocks. (BOOOOOOOM!) THANK YOU Chef V; for all the countless hours of study you have done to deliver a detox that gives noticeable results and restoration! Thank you, Chef V!"