Coco says no snacking!

When I created my Intermittent Fasting Cleanse, I didn’t just do it because it was a health phenomenon.

Sure, Intermittent Fasting is a trendy diet. But I’m a certified nutritional therapist. And as such, I don’t just pay attention to health trends. If you want to both lose weight and improve several key health markers (for example: lower blood pressure, insulin and blood sugar levels), there’s one simple rule to follow while you’re doing my Intermittent Fasting Cleanse: DON’T SNACK!

I look at what the research says to see if any particular nutrient, supplement or diet can be backed by science.

You’ll be glad to know there is a growing body of evidence (like this) that proves intermittent fasting is super effective for improving health, regardless of how much weight you lose.

Now, I may have told you early on that it’s ok to eat as much as you need to and have a snack during your 8 or 12-hour calorie-consuming window.

The truth is that according to what the latest research says, you really should never ever snack. Obviously, if you have a late night snack after your 8-hour calorie-consuming window ends, you’re breaking the fast and all the weight-loss potential of intermittent fasting is lost. You are no longer using your body’s stored fat for energy.

Intermittent Fasting Cleanse schedule

Burn Fat In Between Meals

But here’s why you should try your best to not snack even during your 8-hour feeding time….

You see, after you eat a meal, your pancreas releases insulin to bring sugar into your trillions of cells to use for immediate energy. And whatever sugar your body doesn’t use for energy gets stored in fat cells as body fat.

Now what do you think happens if let’s say you eat a turkey sandwich for lunch and then two hours later you feel hungry and have a snack?

What happens is that your insulin levels do not return back to normal; they remain high. So now, there’s no way for your body to use its stored fat for energy.

That’s why even during your 8-hour eating window, I really want you to try your best to not eat anything in between the time you have the Organic Green Drink/Protein Shake/Detox Soup in the morning and a lunch based on my Healthy Eating Guidelines.

Same goes for in between lunch and dinner. Get those insulin levels back down so your body can burn its own fat for energy!

electrolye drink

Cravings Kill Fat Loss! Chef V’s Intermittent Fasting Cleanse Eliminates Desire For Snacks

Essentially, on my Intermittent Fasting Cleanse, you’re only eating two meals a day (lunch and dinner).

In addition to saving money on food (you won’t be buying snacks and eating 3 large meals), my Intermittent Fasting Cleanse will help you lose weight because it will kill your cravings for nighttime eating.

But here’s an important thing to consider about cravings. They aren’t just physical. Rather, they have a powerful cultural and mental component. In other words, when you feel hungry at night, it’s not necessarily because you’re actually hungry. It’s more so that in our modern western culture, we’re conditioned to sit on our coach late at night, get our Netflix on and eat a bag of popcorn.

That’s why I knew I had to come up with something in my Intermittent Fasting Cleanse to kill cravings.

And that’s where my recipe for the electrolyte drink comes in to play. It’s really important that you don’t forget to have this drink either before you go to bed or shortly after you wake up (or better yet, drink it during both at night and in the morning).

The electrolytes will keep your energy high. When you’re feeling energetically buzzed in a good way, you usually don’t feel the need to have junk food.

So if you want to lose weight and improve your health, follow my directions to a “V” (ha ha, get it?) and just say no to snacking.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I’m here to support you all the way!


Chef V