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In the sizzlin’ summer, it’s tempting to eat foods that can sabotage your health. Think: ice cream, barbecues, cocktails, and late-night dinners out. Here are my tips for doing a summer detox while still living it up….

I just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe.

Don’t be jelly.

Yes, I had an amazing time.

But part of travelling is very hectic. Dripping sweat, catching a train with just seconds to spare….

Now, I know you’re not going to shed a tear for me.

After all, jet lag and needing a vacation from my vacation is a #firstworldproblem.

But the headaches you put up with on vacation are usually well worth it.

In fact, I’m still dreaming about those late-night strolls hand-in-hand with hubby, Brandon. And the food … my God, don’t get me started. I’ll gain a couple pounds just thinking about the decadent meals I had.

below, it is so great to see our Coconut!

Chef V Veronica Wheat and Coco

Summer Detox & Cleanse: Chef V Becomes a Customer

One reason why I’m actually glad to be home is I feel my body can use a cleanse.

Despite our debauchery overseas, if I got a full blood panel workup, my liver enzymes would probably be in the normal range. Still, I want to detox from my trip.

It’s time for me to be a Chef V Cleanse customer. 

Actually, considering the fact that bottles of incredible white wine in Portugal cost less than a glass of mediocre wine here, I might need a 21 day Detox. (I took advantage of the exchange rate.)

So in the spirit of the Hair Club For Men commercial, I’m not just the president of Chef V, I’m a client.

All the more reason to cleanse and detox is now that I’m back home, I’m getting invited to barbecues and ladies nights’ out, and other social outings that may further clog my liver.

That’s why I want to share with you my plan of action for summer cleansing….

Summer mockttail

Summer Cleanse: Enjoy a Mocktail!

For some people, myself “defitisively” included, the ritual of holding a crisp, refreshing, mason jar filled with blissful booze is a visceral part of the summer experience.

Mocktails are a must if you don’t want to feel deprived doing a summer cleanse.

You see, there’s no use in doing a cleanse if you’re going to be miserable. It’s one thing to live like a hermit in a hermetically-sealed bubble in winter.

But it’s another thing to avoid social situations in summer because everyone else is having fun feeling a little tipsy.

That’s why I will be drinking lots of summer mocktails

Trust me, you’re not going to miss alcohol at all if you have one of my spicy margaritas, blackberry mojitos or Moscow mules.

Let your friends spike their insulin and blood-sugar with regular Moscow Mules. It’ll catch up to them eventually.

While you on the other hand will be looking leaner and feeling abundantly energetic.

Summer Mocktails

Summer Cleanse To Stay Lean And Sexy

I’m not a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) expert. But I am familiar with the TCM concept of dampness.

Dampness is what causes bloating.

What causes dampness?

Barbecues with their blackened, overcooked meat and ice cold beer and ice cream for dessert, are recipes for damp accumulation.

You know that stuffed feeling when you just feel so hot and you don’t want to move … and you’re on the verge of being nauseous … and your belly feels like you’re three months pregnant?

That’s damp accumulation.

Even though it seems like everybody who is at a barbecue is having fun, who knows how they feel later when it’s over.

Is it really worth it to eat burgers, down a couple beers and eat high-carb snacks if that means you’re going to feel like crap later?

I don’t think so.

That’s why I tend to eat very little meat in the summer. And now that I’m committing to doing a cleanse, I’m not going to be eating any meat or chips or any snacky foods in the meantime.

I’m just going to do Organic Green Drink in the morning. (Nothing unusual about that; I do that all year, every day.)

And I plan on eating mostly salads for lunch and dinner.

If I get a craving for pizza, I’ll make my own with almond flour crust and Daiya vegan cheese. Regular cheese makes me feel too heavy and weighed down in the summer.

Instead of adding creamer or regular milk to my coffee, I’ll replace dairy with a nut milk.

If I feel like getting my snack on, I’ll bust out a bag of Siete Grain-Free tortilla chips. Siete is a family-run brand. Their chips are made with coconut and cassava flour, and avocado oil. They’re topped with sea salt and lime.

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Summer Cleanse Diet: Veggie Noodles

I didn’t go to Italy this most recent trip to Europe. But I have been there before in summer and like they say, when in Rome….

But now that I’m back stateside, eating a heaping bowl of noodles doesn’t have the same appeal.

In fact, just the thought of it makes me bloated.

So what I’ll be doing to replicate the ritual of eating pasta is substituting starchy noodles with zoodles.

In case you’re not hip to the lingo, zoodles are zucchini noodles. Other veggie pastas include spaghetti squash, carrots, and shirataki noodles.

As for those ubiquitous summer barbecues, bring a box of your favorite veggie protein patties. Better yet, stock up on mega boxes of them from Costco and share some with your carnivorous comrades.

And don’t forget the thin buns. Who knows … maybe if they’re cooked just right and have some tasty fixins on them, you’ll gain some converts to plant protein burgers.

I hope some of these summer cleanse tips will allow you to enjoy the season while staying healthy. 

When you sign up for a Chef V Cleanse, or a 21 Day Detox, I’ll share lots more tips with you on what to eat before (and after) the cleanse.

Until then, enjoy your summer and stay healthy!


Chef V

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