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Chef V, Veronica Wheat


Chef V’s Organic Juice Cleanse is the most popular way to kick-start your weight loss and detox your vital organs. We have thousands of happy customers across the USA.

What is Organic Green Drink?

Chef V is the only company that overnight delivers 100% Certified Organic Green Drinks in the U.S. Each Green Drink contains seven cold-blended green veggies. Each of these superfood green veggies helps normalize blood sugar levels. Take kale, for example. Kale is clinically-proven to lower blood sugar levels after you eat a meal. But if you’re not used to eating/drinking healthy foods and crave sugar, you might be thinking, “Oh, hell no! I ain’t touching that nasty kale!”

But here’s the thing….

Organic Green Drink is sweetened with just the perfect amount of organic apple juice. Not enough to spike your blood sugar but just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. And you’re not really going to taste the kale. To be sure, Organic Green Drink does not taste like soda. So if that’s what you’re expecting, Green Drink might not be the easy blood-sugar-management solution for you.

However, you might be pleasantly surprised with Organic Green Drink. Give it a try. And if you don’t like it, no worries. We’ll fully refund your purchase. Though not official, one of Chef V’s mottoes is, “A green drink a day keeps the doctor away.” Similarly, a green drink a day (16 oz), might just help you manage diabetes.

Chef V Green Drink

‘Making Cleansing Easier’
Recipe Book

by Chef V, Veronica Wheat
Fall in love with more than 65 drinks, snacks, appetizers, entrées and desserts that are organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Most are raw, paleo, and vegan with options for adding organic proteins, too. Learn how to make delicious and satisfying meals using nutrient-rich foods that are cleanse-approved and good for you. Chef V’s way is such fun that you won’t feel deprived. You will think you are indulging all the time!