When I was diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition (Type 1 Diabetes) five years ago, one of the first things that came to mind was a reset. A chance to give my body a break from all that it was going through.

Due to all the changes and adjustments with blood sugar management, my doctor highly advised against doing a cleanse because of the excess sugar load and the difficulties that come with proper dosing. (Traditional juicing quickly spikes your blood sugar and when your pancreas is unable to produce insulin naturally… manual attempts can be risky).

Flash forward 3 years later when a friend shared ChefV with me. She showed me how low sugar the blended greens were and I was pleasantly surprised. I remember thinking – “Wow I may actually be able to complete cleanse without the crazy stress!”

I’ve successfully completed the ChefV 3 day cleanse over six times now and it’s my go-to whenever I need a reset for myself or my clients.  Not only does it make me feel lighter and less inflamed, it drastically improves my insulin sensitivity, digestion, and mental space.

Last but not least… owners Veronica and Brandon are extremely hands on and supportive! Their love and passion for ChefV is what makes it the best cleansing experience I’ve found thus far.

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