Great Person Testimonial

I’ve used Chef V’s juices for cleansing. The green juice is refreshing especially on hot days (to me cleansing is only bearable during the summer when you don’t want to eat anything heavy anyway). Customer service is excellent too.

The main reason I’m reviewing is because Chef V is honestly a great person. I’m a guidance counselor at an elementary school. I reached out to many San Diego companies including Suja, Rubio’s, and Hash House to see if they would come out on Career Day. All said that they were interested and to send them more info. When I did, I never heard back. I contacted Chef V maybe a week before the event. I did not expect her to respond but she did. She was interested in speaking to a class and showed up linking owning a business with social media. The kids loved her. She also gave the class each a tumbler, lunch bag, and tastes of some of her products. During lunch (after Career Day ended) some students in other classes asked me why the “pretty chef who gave out food” didn’t go to their class lol. Her business is growing and she took the time out of her schedule just to speak to a class and my school is not particularly close to where the business is.

Not only are her products great, but she gives back to the community. Businesses like this should be supported.