Lost 19 Inches Testimonial

I decided to try Chef V’s 21-Day Detox to remold my lifestyle. I was eating fast food everyday, consuming 2-3x’s the portions I was supposed to have and over all being lazy.

This led to me decide one day to walk right into Chef V’s store! It was a convenient ten minute drive from my house and the staff there is amazing. I was really nervous jumping to this so I decided to do the classic detox which has two cleanse sessions in the 21 day detox.

My first cleanse I was super satisfied with because I did not get headaches, feel tired or feel like I was on laxatives. I lost 10 lbs my first week.

The second cleanse was even better because I was looking forward to it! I mean I was EXCITED!! The bloating had disappeared in my gut and even in the bags under my eyes!

When I did a detox last time (A couple years ago) I felt like I was on laxatives the entire time, I was hungry the entire time and had a headache that lasted the entire time. I had a ton of energy and felt amazing.

During my detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9! I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V.