This is My TruthTestimonial

This is the TRUTH! My husband and I already eat very well and are experienced in juice cleanses but this one is something else (in great way). We needed to detox after the Holidays and we could not have chosen a better cleanse. The fact that you don´t consume all that sugar and get to eat a soup at night is wonderful. I usually get very nauseous by the afternoon on regular juice cleanses but never felt sick on this one! Everything tastes great (including the protein shakes which kept our muscle tone) so definitely give it a try! Of course, every cleanse is tough and you need to get over that initial “withdrawal phase” but after, you feel amazing! Biggest “take-away” is that I felt like I finally had time again. Time did not and still does not (3 weeks after) fly. I feel like I can relax and ease into the day!