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LOVE the food guide chart!

I LOVE her easy-to-follow food guide explaining what is OK to eat anytime, what is OK to eat in moderation, and WHY explanations for each food category! She has taken her knowledge of nutrition and organized it into a very easy-to-understand and attractively designed book. Thank you for all the love that you obviously put into creating this book, Veronica. Well done! 🙂

A Scrumptious Jewel

What a beautiful book! The recipes are wonderful and the photos are gorgeous. I love all of Chef V’s products.

My new food bible! Thank you Chef V for …

25lbs Weight Loss Testimonial

My new food bible! Thank you Chef V for changing my life. I have lost 25 lbs and have never felt so healthy! I bought this book a few months ago after my cleanse but recently lost it. I repurchased it yesterday and can’t wait to receive it. Thanks again!

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