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Is It Safe For People With Type 1 Diabetes To Do A Cleanse?

For those with diabetes, having to constantly monitor blood sugar can be overwhelming. For people with no blood sugar issues, doing a cleanse is a great way to get rid of toxins that cause water weight retention. But are cleanses safe for those with diabetes? If you do one under the guidance of “The Happy Pancreas”, the answer is a resounding yes!

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Consumer Reports on Juice Cleanses: Chef V Smashes Expectations

Is a juice cleanse right for you? Before you spend a penny on detoxing, I really want you to do some due diligence. How does Chef V stack up against some of the competition? Let’s let the experts at Consumer Reports decide if my cleanse is healthy.... (Hint - our low sugar cleanse beats everyone for a key healthy nutrient: PROTEIN and FIBER).

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Valerie’s 3 Day Cleanse Success

I feel AMAZING. My cellulite is basically gone. My bloat is much improved (wish I could have done longer!). My skin feels luscious and soft. And I am a whole new weight... from precleanse (first picture) to 2 days postcleanse (2nd picture) I am now down to 149. I lost almost 10lbs! This not only made me feel physically amazing but lots of mental clarity as well. Really can't wait for my next cleanse!

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Nikki’s Chef V Cleanse Success

Nikki's 5 Day Cleanse success! Nikki (Nikki Nurtures blog) recently challenged herself to a Chef V 5 Day Cleanse. She says: “A hardcore reset! I’m going to do a juice cleanse”! It’ll help with inflammation, kickstart my metabolism again, and help me stop craving sugar. This sounds fucking amazing! Yessss, let’s do it! Detoxify meeeeee!!!

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