Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse – Lose up to 15 pounds in 3 days with Green Drinks, Protein Shakes & Detox Soups handmade by Chef V.

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Lose Up to 20 Pounds
Experienced Cleansers
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Lose Up to 15 Pounds
Perfect Detoxifier
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Lose Up to 5 Pounds
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Why Chef V's Juice Cleanse

Safe, Gentle & Effective!
No green powders, pills or other gimmicks. Lose up to 20 lbs & detox vital organs with organic whole foods.
No Suffering!
Fiber-packed green drinks, protein shakes & detox soups provide rock-steady energy all-day that won't leave you running to the toilet.
Easy to Follow!
Let your Private Chef and Nutritional Therapist, do all the work! That means no prep work, no clean-up and easy to follow instructions.
Organic cleanses starting at $49. Always handmade after you order then delivered to your front door fresh. Choose from 1, 3 & 5 days.

I'm still losing weight!

“Thank you Chef V for reviving me! The 3 day cleanse gave me life and re-energized me.  I lost 9 lbs and still losing weight! I’m back to being me again!  I should have done the 5 day cleanse, d’oh!"

– Julissa

Juice Cleanse

Where’s the best juice cleanse in San Diego? The answer might seem like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. After all, there’s probably as many places offering juice cleanses throughout San Diego as their are craft breweries (over 100). The South Bay is officially on the juice cleanse bandwagon, from Chula Vista, National City and Imperial Beach. So, too, have the communities around San Diego, including Coronado. Cities near San Diego including Lemon Grove, La Mesa, and El Cajon all have places that sell juice cleanse programs. Cities in the North County including Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside, Escondido, and Poway have lots of stores offering juice cleanses, it’s dizzying picking the best one to follow.

Juice Detox Program

But not all juice detox programs are created equal. In fact, strict juice cleanses or juice fasts really aren’t that good for you. And they’re not enjoyable. Many juice cleanses don’t have enough protein, natural fat and fiber. But our juice detox program is different. Our delicious and refreshing Green Drinks contain 7 of the most detoxifying veggies on the planet. Plus, you’ll also get our super yummy vegan-friendly Protein Shakes and nourishing Detox Soups.

Sure, juice cleanses can help detoxify the body. But here’s the most important thing to keep in mind if you’re going to spend good money doing a juice cleanse in San Diego…. Pick a juice detox program that won’t make you feel famished, weak, and irritable. Even after just a few days of doing a strict juice cleanse, you’ll have major cravings. You won’t be able to resist eating and drinking stuff that led you to detox in the first place.

You need enough protein for your muscles, hair, nails and skin to stay strong. Even going a few days with very little protein can make you feel lethargic. And natural fat and fiber helps keep you full and helps your elimination. If you’re constipated and cranky, what’s the point in doing a strict juice fast?

Delivered to your front door fresh

No matter where you live in San Diego, you can have the best juice cleanses delivered to your front door, fresh. And by fresh we mean super fresh! How fresh? Our team plucks the veggies in your Green Drinks and Detox Soup from the ground on our farm in San Marcos shortly after your order comes in!

Your products are guaranteed to stay fresh, even if you’re gone all day, thanks to our eco-friendly and temperature-controlled packaging. The yummy Green Drinks, Protein Shakes and Detox Soups will be waiting for you to enjoy!

Raw! Never Pasteurized...

And here’s another big difference between us and other juice cleanses in San Diego…. We cold-blend our Green Drinks raw. Raw veggie juice that’s cold-blended is the most nutritious for detoxing. In addition, our Green Drinks contain lots of fiber. We never pasteurize our juice. No doubt, pasteurization was necessary for the days before refrigeration. However, raw juice, which is totally safe, has a higher nutritional value, including the good microorganisms that help boost your immunity.

If you’re looking for the best juice cleanse in San Diego, you don’t even have to drive anywhere. We’ll deliver everything you need so you can deliciously detox comfortably at home and feel satisfied!

I lost 10 pounds!

“By day 3, 4 and 5 I was feeling fantastic. I felt chipper. I felt lighter. I felt pretty much amazing… I lost 10 pounds… It got me back on track. I’m feeling healthy, wealthy and wise… I hope you try it to too!"

– Leah

How It Works

1. Customize
Easily customize your cleanse. Choose 1, 3 or 5 days. Select 1, 2 or 4 people.
2. Schedule Delivery
Choose the delivery day that works for you. Pickups require 24 hour notice.
3. Enjoy!
You'll be getting everything you need to lose weight and feel great for 1, 3 or 5 days.

My New Self!

“Thank you so much.  I work about 13-14 hrs a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat junk all day.  Me and the driver (Tim Piro) of my wardrobe trailer committed to the 3 day cleanse and we feel amazing.  Day 1, was the toughest day.  Day 2,  I saw the difference in my everything. And Day 3, was an introduction to my New Self. We Thank you Chef V!”

– Pashelle


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