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Fuller lips … we can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of thick, erotic, sexy-looking lips. But no doubt you’ve seen the after-effects of plastic surgery for fuller lips look not so attractive. Chef V’s here to fill you in on how to fill your lips without undergoing the knife or getting expensive collagen injections.

I travel a lot for work, traveling from coast to coast. And one of my guilty pleasures is catching up on celebrity gossip on those long flights. Go ahead and judge me if you want. But I can’t always be reading research studies on nutrition and health. My mind would explode.

In my mission to help educate Chef V customers about health and beauty tips, I got one idea for an article. And, guilty as charged, I got the idea from a celebrity gossip magazine (which will remain nameless). The article featured the celebrities–both living and deceased–with the best lips.

Who was on the list, you’re dying to know? Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. And of course Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie. Other celebrities with top puckers include Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Alba, to name a few.

But these celebs’ lips are rarely natural. Typically, they’re surgically-enhanced. Sure, you can get collagen injection shots for several hundred bucks or more, every six months. And, you can also spend lots of money on skincare products. But the ingredients in most skin care products are toxic. (How can you tell if the brand you use contains safe ingredients? Check out the Environmental Working Group website.) Furthermore, you can buy lip volumizers and lip plumping devices.

However, if you don’t have more money than God like these celebs do and don’t want to get surgery (which always has a risk of complications), is there anything you can do to get fuller lips? Is there anything for fuller lips that isn’t just a gimmick?

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Fuller Lips: Trick #1 – Lip Yoga

When I heard about the following facial exercises I’ll share with you, I was very skeptical. But let me just say it works. After doing these exercises for fuller lips, my lips were tingling for a long time. It actually feels like your lips are getting plumper after doing them. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re hydrated. Even if you’re not sure if you are, go ahead right now and chug a glass of water.

Next, pretend you’re about to blow up a balloon. But don’t blow out. Keep about half your breath. In other words, blow your cheeks up halfway. Then, you’ll transfer the air inside your mouth from one cheek to another. Supposedly, the article I read that describes this exercise for fuller lips says this helps reduce fine lines around the mouth. Does research prove it works? Probably not. All I can say is I really felt the effects of these exercises for fuller lips. And for this first one, repeat it five times. That’s all it takes for your face to feel all tingly.

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Fuller Lips: Trick #2 – Go Kiss Yourself

Another trick for fuller lips is by practicing blowing kisses to yourself. What better way to get fuller lips than by practicing some self love? It’s not necessary to kiss your hand and point your fingers, blowing the kiss away. All you need to do is pucker your lips and pretend kiss. Do this for a minute or more. Your lips will get hot and tingly again. Whether or not your lips will get bigger over time is uncertain. But what’s equally important is that your lips appear fuller.

Fuller Lips: Trick #3: Be Like Nemo

Another trick I learned that I want to share with you will make you look like a funny fish. Simply suck in the sides of your mouth and make a fish face. Now here’s where the lip yoga really comes in. The next step you can say is the equivalent of a downward dog/upward dog routine for your lips. While your lips are inverted puckered like a fish, lift your lips up. Hold this lip yoga posture for up to 10 seconds. Then do the reverse, bringing your lips down. Same thing, hold for up to 10 seconds. Try for 20 reps both up and down.

A couple other lip yoga tips and tricks that I got from the article (on open your mouth super wide. No, wider! Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat several times. And here’s another one: press your lips together super tight. Make a popping sound. Then, relax your lips. If you want fuller lips, repeat several times.

lip yoga

Fuller Lips: Trick #4: Take Collagen

Collagen is the structural protein in your lips that makes them sexy and pouty and plump. Imagine collagen like the skeleton of a skyscraper. Super strong, erect steel. In fact, the fibers in collagen are as strong as steel cables. The problem is that your collagen loses strength with the aging process and lifestyle factors. Taking an oral collagen supplement such as collagen peptide powder can help strengthen your own collagen. Thus, your lips will look luscious and fuller.

Diet, of course, is critical in keeping your skin looking healthy. Did you know that sugar connects itself to the collagen in your skin. And consequently, it causes your skin to stiffen. So try to cut down on added sugars. Also, besides collagen peptide powder, eat lots of veggies that help build your own collagen. The seven green veggies in Chef V Organic Green Drink are rich in vitamins and minerals that provide the essential building blocks for your collagen fibers to stay (or get) strong.

Here’s to your health and better, fuller lips!

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