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I’m a new Mother! Here’s a menu for Moms, all special recipes I love. For the First thing in the morning I have lemon water and then I wait until I’m hungry to have my Chef V organic Green Drink. Breakfast is my new Piña Kale’oda Smoothie. For lunch, Mom is having Tasty Lettuce Cups and Dinner is Chicken Pesto Pasta. Enjoy!

A new recipe at our San Diego store and an instant favorite. Pineapple, coconut, kale and sparkling water make a smoothie that is a refreshing, healthy, and delicious taste of the tropics.

Tasty lettuce cups filled with a mixture of veggies and optional ground chicken. refreshing on a hot summer day, healthy coconut aminos sub for high salt soy sauce.

This Easy Raw Pesto is so delicious. Besides my Grilled Chicken Pasta, try this on gluten-free bread as a spread or use it as a marinade for your favorite protein or vegetables.

Yoga is so good for you on so many different levels. It is one of the safest types of exercise you can suggest to family, and even the most out of shape friend can gently find a path to better health.

Whether your Mom practices yoga everyday or is a beginner, I’ve selected some poses for a healthy and fun start to Mother’s Day.

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