Gut health could be one of the most complicated facets of nutrition. Prime gut health requires carefully balancing the wonderfully complex world of bacteria in your gut. Thankfully, you have plenty of tools to help you out in this endeavor. One of the best options in your gut nutrition health kit must be juices for detox. We’ll discuss the relationship between juicing and your gut, after we give a basic overview of how gut health works. 

Gut flora

The term “gut flora” refers to all the bacteria in your digestive system. We tend to reflexively think of bacteria and microbes as a bad thing. After all, the wrong microscopic guest in our body usually means we’re about to come down with something.

However, there are plenty of tiny passengers on our bodies at any given moment that have absolutely no ill effect on our health. In fact, there are plenty of microbes that are overall beneficial for us. One of these categories would be the “gut flora”—the microbes that live inside our digestive system. 

Our gut flora play a key role in helping us digest certain materials, particularly fiber. However, maintaining an average balance of gut flora seems to have even wider health implications. Everything from reducing obesity to lowering the risk of colon cancer has been associated with proper management of gut flora. 

How diet affects gut flora

Since those little guys in your gut are doing so much for your digestive health, it makes sense to give a little back to them. Keeping your gut flora happy keeps all your gut happy. The main way to boost the production of healthy gut flora is through diet. One part of this is getting enough fiber, since this is a crucial part of those microbe’s diet. 

It’s also important to get plenty of prebiotics in your diet. Prebiotics are particular nutrients and substances that your gut microbes need to thrive. If you get plenty of foods with prebiotics in your diet, your gut flora will do just fine.

What foods include prebiotics? There’s a long list but some of the most notable include leafy greens, garlic, onions, leeks, bananas, oats and barley, and apples. Many spices are also great for your gut. If you’re wondering if ginger is good for your gut, the answer is yes! We see a lot of people also asking, “does turmeric make you fart,” but turmeric is actually a great way to deal with gassiness and bloat. 

Juicing and your gut

Many people have taken to using juice cleanses to try and cut back on their caloric intake without sacrificing nutrition and thus burn away fat. Organic juice cleanses are also a great way to do a “reset” on your system, avoiding potentially harmful preservatives or additives in your diet. 

While juice cleanses are great for losing weight, it’s also important to note how great they can be for the health of your gut. The best juice cleanses will be filled with things like leafy greens and apples, providing a ton of prebiotics.

The Chef V cleanse

However, where many juice cleanses tend to fail is in providing enough fiber to all for healthy gut processes throughout the entire cleanse. Thankfully, Chef V’s juice cleanses are a bit different. We provide plenty of fiber through our delicious detox soups and detox smoothies, and our green drink is filled with every sort of mineral and vitamin you need to make your weight-loss goals while keeping your gut flora happy and healthy at the same time. 

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