Migraines and headaches suck. There’s no dancing around the topic. And what really sucks about them is how hard they can be to get rid of permanently. There are many sources of headaches and migraines. But one of the most overlooked causes of these conditions is diet. It could be that your chronic head pain is because of foods that cause migraines. 

What causes headaches and migraines?

To understand why diet could cause headaches and migraines, it’s essential to understand why these bad things happen to good people like us. The terms are used interchangeably, though they’re actually entirely different. 

We won’t get into all the nitty gritty, but headaches tend to have a physical cause behind them. This could be because of an injury. But it could also be because you have tense muscles or pressure in your sinuses. Migraines, on the other hand, are caused by an issue with the nerves or chemicals in your brain.

So this means there are many ways your diet could end up giving you a migraine. Chemicals in the food you eat could mess with your brain chemistry. Foods that dehydrate you could cause the muscles in your head to lose moisture and tighten. Indeed, hydration is a crucial step to staving off head pain. With that in mind, here are a few of the top foods and drinks that will start your head throbbing. 

Kinds of foods that cause migraines and headaches

Alcohol headaches 

Overconsumption of alcohol is one of the top causes of headaches for many people. The hangover headache is real. The science beyond this is simple. Alcohol causes dehydration. This then leads to muscle-related headaches. So take it easy on the alcoholic drinks, and mix them with plenty of water. 

Caffeine headaches

Caffeine is a drug. And like any drug, it can come with a lot of withdrawal symptoms if you get hooked on it, then stop. Our recommendation is to swap your morning drink for something a bit healthier, like our green drink. 

Celery juice headaches

Celery juice is a bit specific to be on this list, no? Well, since celery juice is often touted as a cure-all, we thought it was worth a closer examination. So can celery juice cause headaches? Most of the negative side effects of celery juice that people report tend to be related to bloating and gas

However, celery juice side effects can often include headaches when consumed in large amounts. What’s probably also going on here is the fact that celery juice is relatively low in nutrition. Celery juice headaches are caused by relying too heavily on it, rather than more nutritious drinks. 

Salty food headaches

Food too high in sodium? Then you better believe you’ll experience a spike in blood pressure. And what comes with higher blood pressure? Migraines. Stay away from the salty stuff, especially if it comes with preservatives. 

Sugary food headaches

There are many potential foods we could list here, so we’re going to lump all the sweets and treats into one category. Can sugar cause headaches? You bet. Eating too many sugary foods can cause a rapid swing in blood sugar level and then, before you know it, you have a sugar headache. We recommend a low sugar cleanse to detox your blood sugar back to normal. 

Get relief with a low sugar cleanse

When it comes to hydrating and getting everything you need, there’s nothing better than a low sugar cleanse. And when it comes to low sugar cleanses, Chef V is a real winner. Our green drink is filled with everything you need to stay hydrated and healthy, and it even makes a great meal accompaniment on its own. 

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