With green drink delivery with Chef V, it’s easier than ever to get organic juice cleanses delivered directly to your area. Whether you’re close to our Chef V West Caldwell headquarters, or on the other side of the country near our origin in San Diego, a huge portion of the United States has delivery coverage to get you blended juice cleanses. 

If you already enjoy our blended juice cleanses, then why not branch out into looking for more options to eat locally? Of course, in the modern world, it might be difficult to get absolutely everything local. But if you need some impetus to try and get more local flavor in your diet, here are some of our top reasons. 

#1 Better for the environment

Let’s start with the bigger picture. And what could be bigger than the entire planet? When you hear people discussing local eating, this is one of the benefits that gets brought up a lot. But how does eating locally help the environment?

There are a lot of little ways that actually start to add up. Most food we buy is designed to be distributed at a national, if not global, level. This means it needs to be heavily packaged in plastic to survive those long trips. More plastic, more waste.

Those long trips aren’t environmentally friendly either. Food doesn’t just magically fly to where it needs to get going. If you’re getting your juice from Chef V Caldwell NJ, and you live in New Jersey, well, it’s a short drive away. If you’re getting your juice from across the country, it’s probably going to burn a lot of gas to get to you. And the cost to get it from overseas via cargo ship… outrageous. 

#2 Helps the local economy

If you’re buying locally, you’re putting your money into the local economy. This is a pretty straightforward benefit, but it’s one we often forget. We’re used to going for the most convenient option these days. But sometimes convenience isn’t the best thing for the place where you live. More money in your local economy means a better local community. And what’s a better feeling than that?

#3 More nutrition 

Fruits and veggies are most nutritious right when they’re pulled out of the ground. Those same processes designed to make them last for long transport across the world slowly start to suck out their nutritional value. Freezing or processing all makes them less nutritious than when they were first picked. Speaking of nutrition…

#4 Less weird stuff

It’s not just all the plastic packaging that makes food suitable for the global world. It’s often filled with preservatives and additives designed to make it last longer. The idea of putting something designed to last forever in your body isn’t an appealing one. Many preservatives, while useful for extending shelf life, also aren’t the best for nutrition. Think of salt, a classic preservative. Are you sure you want food with sodium levels off the charts? If you’re looking to get more organic food in your diet, local delivery and shopping is the way to go. 

#5 Seasonal eating benefits

Once you start to eat locally, you’ll naturally begin to eat more seasonally. After all, when you eat locally, you eat whatever’s being brought to market at the moment. For many, this is a fun little comfort. Who doesn’t love eating fresh fruit in the summer? 

But there are also hidden nutritional benefits as well that we don’t often think of. The leafy greens harvested before winter in many areas have the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive in a time of less sunlight. And then when summer comes, you have plenty of berries and fruit filled with tons of water to help you stay hydrated. 

#6 It tastes better

This one might be more subjective, but it’s certainly one we’re going to stick with. When you’re in the green drink delivery business, you start to notice the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Eating organic doesn’t just have to be about being healthy — it tastes amazing. If you’ve never had the benefit of eating fresh fruit right off the vine, you’re missing out. 

#7 You’ll try new things

You might be surprised at the amount of diversity in your local food. The United States was founded on diversity, after all. If you live in areas with ethnic enclaves producing their own food, then you can sample things you’d never have considered before. You can discover wonderful new foods like urab, and wonderful new drinks like golden milk

And, of course, we’d have to toss in our own blended juice cleanses as a wonderful local option for you to discover. The best part is, we’re local in a ton of states across the country! 

But no matter if you’re getting your green drink from Chef V West Caldwell, or Chef V San Diego, you’re always going to be getting the absolute best in organic juice cleanses. If you haven’t checked out our signature green drink yet, then now might be the time to give it a shot

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