Juice detox cleanses are becoming more and more well-known in the mainstream. If you need any more proof, this piece covers examples of celebrities who swear by juice cleanses. We’ll look at how blended juice cleanses helped them lose weight and detox their bodies.

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse involves drinking only fruit or vegetable juices for a certain amount of time, usually ranging from one to five days, depending on the goal. Juices are usually pressed, which means the pulp is separated from the juice. Most importantly, while juice cleansing, you eliminate sugar, caffeine, refined foods, and other substances from your diet.

Are you looking to melt fat quickly for an upcoming occasion? Detox juice cleanses are good for hitting the reset button on your health if you’ve been overindulging. With it,you’re able to boost your metabolism and flush out toxins gently. With all the nutritional content, they provide steady energy throughout the day. You’ll also curb cravings for unhealthy food.

In recent years, cleanses have become the quick fix for dropping pounds for celebrities from Beyonce to Anne Hathaway. Ever wondered what’s the secret behind their toned bodies? Let’s spill the beans for four superstars who enjoy cold-pressed veggies and fruits for radiant skin and a fit body.


Beyonce popularized the granddaddy of the cleanse trend the Master Cleanse diet — shedding twenty pounds in two weeks for her role in Dreamgirls. The diet that has particularly taken Hollywood by storm since 2006 as a popular way of losing quick weight was developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1941 as a diet regimen to flush out  toxins in the body.

Also known as Maple Syrup or Lemon Cleanse diet, it involves subsisting on nothing but a liquid diet of hot water, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper for ten days. You also drink laxative tea and do a salt-water flush to eliminate body toxins through bowel movements.

Salma Hayek

Salma has used juice cleanses as a regular part of her health and beauty maintenance program for fifteen years. Ever-radiating, she’s known for endorsing the cooler cleanse diet that’s a big hit with thousands of her fans worldwide.

In 2008, Salma approached New York City juicing expert Eric Helms to co-create a line of fresh, raw juices and nut milk that worked well for her body. The idea was to help everyone look and feel their best, no matter how busy or stressful their lives.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway swears by celebrity trainer David Kirsch’s forty-eight-hour detox where you drink his patented lemonade mixture four times a day for two days. Hirsch’s mixture comes ready-made in a concentrated liquid you add to water and can consume at mealtimes. The delicious pink lemonade blend gives you the supercharged nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants needed to achieve healthy results. 

Jennifer Aniston

The secret to Jennifer Aniston’s svelte body lies in her Wonder Saturday Smoothie, jam-packed with spinach, garlic, beetroot, organic vegetables, cucumbers, kale, and celery. For the best taste, add some cayenne pepper or parsley. 

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You can use these liquid diets as celebs do  to jump-start your journey of eating better and get your metabolism revved up. Please note we aren’t giving medical advice here and that if you try these diet regimes, do so at your own risk. We can help you answer your query though: Are juice cleanses worth it? You might be surprised to learn that even a very short juice cleanse can have some significant impacts.  

At Chef V, even our 3-Day Juice Cleanse Plan will give you the desired results. We mix our nutrient-packed green drinks with detox soups and smoothies. You can easily customize your blended juice cleanse. Choose one, three, or five days and the number of people consuming it. 

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