If you’re into a juice cleanse diet, it’s very likely you make your own juice and probably end up with a ton of leftover pulp. There is a lot of goodness in the pulp, including most of the fiber. If you’re just throwing your pulp out, hold up — there are a lot of fun recipes you can make with it!

In this post, we’ll cover how to reuse juice leftover into good use with clever hacks, and you’ll never need to throw the pulp ever again.

Fun recipes with pulp

With a juice detox diet, you may be finding yourself with a lot of leftover fruit and vegetable pulp that you’re not quite sure what to do with. Here are some creative ways to recycle your leftover juice pulp.

Give your smoothies a kick of fiber 

Do you like having fun and experimenting with different ingredients while making smoothies? Add some fruit pulp to the blender when making your next breakfast smoothie. This will be a great way to add consistency, not to mention extra nutrients. It will also add plenty of fiber, so you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Go for a healthy and fuller veggie broth

If you’re left with vegetable pulp, including celery, carrots, onion, or garlic, you can easily transform it into a flavorful vegetable broth. Cook the pulp in a large pot with some olive oil and add a few cups of water, salt, pepper, herbs, and your favorite spices. You can enjoy this homemade broth on its own. Or even use it for any of your favorite soups and stews. We’d recommend adding your veggie broth to Chef V’s recipe of Creamy Carrot Soup and enjoy the magical version.

Make your baked goods with a healthy twist

Wondering what to do with pulp from carrots, apples, melons, or beets after you’ve made a healthy glass of juice? Spoil yourself with some baking! Try adding these leftovers while baking bread, cookies, muffins, or cakes for a burst of fruity flavor and some added texture. And enjoy a perfect nutrient-filled sweet treat. 

Try green eggs and pancakes with pulp coloring 

If you want to woo people with colorful yet yummy pancakes or eggs for breakfast, use these Chef V recommended alternatives to food coloring:

  • red coloring extracted from beet juice pulp
  • purple coloring extracted from juice pulp of the red cabbage
  • lighter purple coloring extracted from blueberries pulp
  • green coloring extracted from spinach or Chef V Green Drink

Make healthy variant popsicles

Do you have a sweet tooth and want tasty yet healthy popsicles? Are you wondering what to do with your remaining fruit juice? Pour your juice into popsicle molds or ice trays and sprinkle in some of the pulp. Freeze and enjoy! We bet you would love Chef V’s frozen Red White and Blue Popsicle treats by adding pulp of blueberries and raspberries.

Add a slew of nutrients to patties or fritters

Pulp from juicing beet, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets can be used as fillers and make your own delicious vegetarian burger patties or fritters. These pulps add an earthy flavor and help the burgers keep their shape. 

Keep healthy and vegan with Chef V

Are you into a juice detox diet but not ready to put in the time and effort of at-home juicing and reusing the leftover pulp? We heard that call and answered it with our Chef V cleanse package. With our juice cleanse diet, you’ll get juices and smoothies packed with local, organic ingredients that flush your vital organs and leave you satisfied. We take care of the pulps in the most creative and recycle-friendly ways. 

And what could be more convenient than having organic juice cleanse delivered fresh right to your door?  You can build and customize the plan as per your needs. Get in touch today to learn more!

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