Juice cleanses are a great way to lose weight and detoxbut for newbies, they can be somewhat overwhelming. It may get a little tough to focus for many people trying to study, because of a few 7-day cleanse side effects. This blog gives some tips for keeping your focus up during a cleanse. 

According to one of the latest reports, 17 percent of those using juice cleansers notice improvements in their emotions, 23 percent experience improved digestive health, and 26 percent tend to lose the desired weight. Despite these promising results, it may take quite a bit to convince yourself to choose a detox journey with all the lip-smacking, eye-grabbing food options out there.

 If you’ve taken the most difficult step of adopting a detox juice cleanse, we only want to make it smoother for you from here on by helping you with some of the tips to manage detox and celery juice side effects and retain your concentration levels.

Things a juice cleanse does to your body

A juice cleanse is a “detox" dietyou’re committing to consuming only fruit and vegetable juices. While the primary benefit of juice cleansing is presumed to be weight loss, that’s just a fraction of the great work green juices do for you. They improve your digestive health and promote the growth of healthy microbiota. They also tighten your tummy bloated by inflammatory foods, such as  gluten, dairy, and alcohol. With your calorie intake reduced, your body doesn’t have to exert the usual amounts to break down food, giving your gut some rest.

A detox plan is a great way to improve your mental health as well. With your meals planned beforehand, a break from meal planning, shopping, and cooking significantly improves your mood and relaxes your brain. Juice cleansing also leads to improved quality of sleep in the absence of toxins, caffeine, and other food items that make it difficult to get good quality rest. 

Amidst all these positive developments during your detox, what remains equally true is that sometimes fasting sucks. You may experience sluggishness, weakness, and light-headedness. With a drop in your calorie intake, both your brain and muscles may want to slow down, leading to celery juice headaches. With emotions like temporary sadness and confusion, you may even struggle to focus on your studies and other important tasks.

Tips for focusing during a juice cleanse

You may experience some challenges along the way of your detox diet, but we’ve got you covered with simple, actionable strategies to boost your stamina and emotional strength. These tactics will help you maintain focus levels during r studies and manage your body and mind better.

1. Give your body a heads-up

While the urge to grab those delicious snacks is natural and understandable before you bid them goodbye for a while, introducing drastic changes in a day won’t be kind to your body. Give your body a transition period of at least three to five days before beginning a detox juice cleanse. Slowly cut out dairy, alcohol, heavy food, and gluten, and replace them with healthier options to stock up some extra energy for later.

  1. Organize and prioritize

Plan your detox juice cleanse at a time when you’re not flooded with a heavy study checklist. Stressing yourself with a lot of rigorous study schedules will only make your diet routine tougher. If you want to stay committed to your cleanse as well as your studies, sync stress-free study days with your juice detox plan to strike a balance.

  1. Do it together

Make this experience more fun and memorable by getting friends onboard. You can help each other stay sane on the days that challenge you too much. This way, you will keep your energy levels up, and navigate through your detox journey with much more enthusiasm.

  1. Stock up on herbal teas

With your belly filled with just juices, hunger is going to knock on your doors often. This is inevitable thanks to a lowered calorie intake, but you can get through it. Explore warm and soothing drinks such as herbal teas to improve your digestive health.

  1. Drink plenty of water

With only juices in your body, we know you’re taking trips to the washroom often. Don’t limit your water intake in response. Hydration is key to keeping your energy levels high throughout the day. It will help you fight sluggishness and keep you focused and active. 

  1. Mind over matter

The way you think of this journey can overpower the side effects. Changing the narrative from “fasting sucks” to “fasting cleanses” can flip things up for the better. Approach it with positivity and enthusiasm and avoid negative self-talk. A positive approach will clear your head and help you focus on your studies better.

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Planning a detox journey by yourself can be tricky, and we hear you. Chef V does all the homework and works with nutritional therapists to craft the perfect detox plan for you. Bid prep work goodbye, and say hello to easy-to-follow instructions to enjoy your juices for the best results. 

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