Nutrition and health aren’t simple things. If it was a simple process, then there wouldn’t be a need for things like 21 day juice cleanses! Your body is an incredibly complicated machine, with countless chemical processes happening at every moment. You need to take into account terms like nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more. One key component of health that’s often not understood is hormones. However, hormones can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. In this blog, we’ll explain what hormones are, and how your diet can affect them, for better or worse. 

What are hormones? 

Hormones are a big topic, so we’re going to condense this down as much as possible so we can get talking about things like the best juice cleanse for weight loss. Hormones are chemicals inside your body that have the specific job of acting as messengers. Hormones are distributed through your bloodstream and trigger reactions and changes in your cells. These changes tend to be things in your body that vary depending on your age and the situation—things like your metabolism, growth, sex drive, and mood. 

What’s unique about hormones is how different they are between the genders. Both genders produce hormones in places called glands. You’ve probably heard of things like the pineal gland or thyroid gland. However, men and women also produce unique hormones in their respective reproductive glands. 

You can kind of think of hormones as your body’s own little supply of drugs, made directly on-site. And like drugs, while they can be incredibly useful for you, they can also cause havoc in the wrong amounts. Imbalanced hormones can have especially chaotic effects in women. Potential symptoms include things like diabetes, irregular menstruation, infertility, skin conditions and difficulty in managing weight. 

How does diet affect hormones?

When we think of the chemistry of losing weight and staying healthy, we tend to worry about things such as fat, carbs, and our blood sugar levels. However, your diet can have just as much effect on your hormones as any other part of your body. Hormones are the messengers of your body. Those messengers can easily get confused or imbalanced by food that is processed or overly high in fat or sugars. 

However, there are a lot of positive diet changes you can make that can help bring your hormones back to balanced levels. The most important of these is also one of the simplest—just get enough water! Whether you’re drinking straight H2O, or getting it in your detox juice, it’s essential you always stay hydrated.

The number two diet and hormone rule is to get tons of fruits and vegetables, especially the leafy green stuff. However, get organic products, to avoid taking in chemicals that could affect your hormone levels. 

You also want to get plenty of proteins, regardless of the source. There are plenty of great sources of plant-based proteins out there, from those dark leafy greens we mentioned, to certain nuts and grains. Healthy fats (the kind you’d get from avocado, for example) are also key ingredients in helping manage hormone levels.

Hormones and juice cleanses

The best way to get hormones under control is to get plenty of hydration while getting as many essential fruits and veggies as possible. It’s no wonder many women have found a 21 day juice cleanse is one of the most effective hormone managers out there. Green juice keeps you hydrated and gives you all the nutrients your body needs to manage hormone production. This, in turn, helps you get a handle on everything from skin cleanliness to weight loss.

Of course, not all detox cleanses are created equal. With Chef V, you can get a juice cleanse that includes protein shakes and detox soups, which ensures you aren’t losing out on other important nutrients like protein. This means it’s a juice cleanse you can actually hope to finish, and so get real results for your hormone control or weight loss goals. Just check out some of our great success stories


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