Have you ever felt bloated or uneasy after overeating junk food or a weekend-long party? It’s possibly because you consumed something your body doesn’t like. This consequently causes indigestion, fatigue, exhaustion, weight issues, and sometimes allergies. In such situations, a juice cleanse helps you reset your digestive system. 

Juice cleanses detoxify your body to remove unhealthy substances while providing necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It offers the perfect opportunity for your body to rest and recuperate while pushing away artificial ingredients, excessive salt, sugar, and processed food. 

Moreover, once you sign up for a detox juice cleanse, there’s no going back. It keeps you healthy and helps you achieve your body and wellness goals, which is why many health enthusiasts prefer to juice cleanse often. But if you’re a beginner and wonder how many juice cleanses you can do in a year, read below to see what Chef V says about it. Continue reading to find out how different detox juice cleanses work for different people. 

How does juice cleanse your body?

Juice cleanse is a popular diet that involves consuming only freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables. It helps remove toxins, such as synthetic chemicals and pollutants, from your body while maintaining a balanced diet. Because most detox juice cleanse diets are low in calories, they also help achieve short-term weight goals

Moreover, a juice cleanse increases the number of Bacteroidetes in the body, which helps with weight loss. In fact, it decreases Firmicutes, bacteria that cause weight gain. Consuming liquid-based diets, such as a detox juice cleanse, also helps improve the functionality of your kidneys. Juice cleanse efficiently removes non-organic waste substances from your body. 

Different juice cleanse schedules for different people

Chef V suggests that before signing up for a detox juice cleanse, consult your general practitioner to learn whether it will suit your daily health regime. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should skip going on a juice cleanse diet because our drinks aren’t pasteurized, and the bacteria that may pass down to your baby can be harmful. 

Chef V recommends following the pre-cleanse instruction to prepare your body two days before the cleanse. You should listen to your body and work accordingly rather than exhausting it with intense workouts or exercise. 

If you’re a beginner or new to the juice cleanse diet, you should start with a one-day cleanse that helps you lose up to five pounds. As you get familiar with the diet and its process, you can opt for a 3 day juice cleanse. It works best after a chaotic weekend or vacation to reset your body and give it a punch of necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. 

For more stringent body goals, you can choose the 7 day juice cleanse or a 21 day cleanse challenge by Chef V.  Both these challenges or cleanse routines help you adopt a healthy lifestyle that offers lifelong results. In fact, you can enjoy your favorite meals and snacks without sabotaging your diet by just following Chef V’s instructions. 

Delivery with Chef V

Chef V makes going on a juice cleanse diet easy and smooth by delivering freshly squeezed juice of organic fruits and leafy vegetables to your doorstep. This means you don’t have to go anywhere to be healthy. 

All you need to do is decide which juice cleanse plan you want. You can customize it as per your weight goals and health requirements. The next step is to choose a delivery day, and that’s it; your fresh and organic juice is ready to drink. If you want to pick up the juice on your own, you can schedule a pickup by giving us twenty-four hours’ notice. 

If you’ve opted for a multi-day juice cleanse, you’ll receive a mix of different drinks, including:

    • green juices: made of seven certified green vegetables: organic green kale, collard, black kale, green chard, curly parsley, dandelion greens, and green leaf lettuce
    • protein shakes: made with organic pea protein powder
    • detox soup: also known as SOUPer Detox, a warm drink that helps regulate your blood glucose levels and improve digestion 

Visit our website to learn more about our delivery locations or to find a Chef V store near you.

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