The benefits and importance of fresh fruits and vegetables lie in their high density of nutritional values. They’re rich in antioxidant properties, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and many other nutrients that help the body remove toxins and maintain good health.

But due to greater convenience and minimal wastage, many people prefer consuming and using frozen fruits and vegetables. Though some produce retains nutritional values, they often lose their natural taste and may contain harmful preservatives to maintain longer shelf life. 

And because of this, many start wondering whether frozen fruit can be used in a juice cleanse and why fresh organic juice cleanse is better for you. Follow along to learn what Chef V has to say about this and the valuable benefits of consuming fresh produce. 

What freezing veggies and fruits do

The purpose of freezing vegetables and fruits is to preserve the nutritional content for longer, but some nutrients start to break down if you keep the produce frozen for longer than a year. Moreover, before freezing, fresh fruits and vegetables undergo a process called blanching, which involves keeping the produce in boiling water for a few minutes. 

The purpose of blanching is to kill harmful bacteria and prevent the natural texture and color of the produce. But it also results in the loss of some important water-soluble or heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin C and B vitamins. 

Furthermore, freezing also reduces the antioxidant content in some fruits and vegetables. According to the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, up to 30 percent of the phenolic compounds, an antioxidant type, get lost in some vegetables due to freezing. 

Benefits of fresh fruit and veggies

Below are some top benefits of consuming fresh veggies and fruits:

  • It’s hard for frozen fruits and vegetables to compete with the visual appeal, juiciness, and natural taste of fresh ones. The crunch of fresh green beans and the creamy texture of avocado is hard to find in a supermarket freezer. 
  • Fresh produce is a great source of dietary fiber that keeps your gut strong and improves bowel movements. Moreover, it gives you a fuller feeling when on an organic juice cleanse, intermittent fasting, or dieting. 
  • Seedless watermelon, pineapple, red leaf lettuce, sprouts, kale, luscious cherries —it’d be hard to get bored of fresh fruits and vegetables as hundreds of varieties and options are available on the market. And variety is something you can’t find in the frozen foods section of the grocery store. 

Fresh juice delivery with Chef V 

If you’re planning on going for a juice cleanse, try Chef V’s multiple juice cleanse plans, specially designed for people who want to move to a healthy lifestyle and achieve certain weight goals.

You can opt for a single or multi-day juice cleanse, where you get three different drinks: the famous green juice, protein shake, and detox soup. All these fluids are made from the freshest, purest, organic ingredients, such as pea powder, green kale, dandelion greens, curly parsley, and collard greens, to help you get rid of toxins from your body. 

Moreover, the team at Chef V provides green juice delivery to your doorstep, meaning you can achieve your health goals in the comfort of your home while enjoying the nutritional and tasty drinks crafted by nutritional therapist Chef V. You can also request a pickup from the listed store locations by giving twenty-four-hour notice. 

If you’re looking for a fresh and organic juice cleanse plan, visit Chef V today. Browse our store locations and delivery areas to learn where and how you find plant-based foods and raw blended juices by Chef V. 

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