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Do Vegetables Have Protein? – Your Guide to Protein and Veggies

There are plenty of reasons to go vegan, from those relating to health to those relating to ethical concerns. However, arrayed against all these good reasons are all the reasons that people are skeptical about veganism, from the absurd to the legitimate. These concerns about going vegan are often transferred over to concerns about blended juice cleanses.

One of the most common concerns we hear at Chef V is about the lack of protein in vegetables. When we think of “high protein” foods, we tend to think of animal products. So how much protein can you find in vegetables? And are there ways to get protein during the midst of a blended juice cleanse? Read on and find out!

Why Protein is Important

Every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient that can be found in our bodies has an important purpose. However, protein has a particularly important role to play in keeping your body healthy. This is because protein can be thought of as a “building block” nutrient – it’s an important component of many cells in your body.

This means if you want to develop strong and healthy bones and muscles and stay fit, protein is key. Protein also has the added benefit of being super beneficial for weight loss. Compared to fat and carbs, protein fills you up with relatively little weight gain.

So protein can not only help you lose weight, but it can give you the energy and body repair needed to exercise – and lose more weight! This is why it’s important to try and get a good amount of protein in your diet. Normally this isn’t a major concern, but it is true that it’s easier to get protein out of animal products than vegetable products. However, this isn’t a hard rule. There are plenty of veggies that are actually great sources of protein -including some of the following:

#1 Beans
Lima beans, Fava Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Pinto Beans – whatever bean you can name, there’s a good chance that they’re a high source of protein. Beans are great because of how easy they are to slot into any recipe as a replacement for meat-based proteins. From burritos to soups, beans have you covered.

#2 Quinoa
There’s a reason that Quinoa has become such a popular vegan health food. Beyond being high in fiber and antioxidants, it’s also a good source of protein. Plus, it cooks conveniently quickly, making it great for whipping up protein-filled snacks.

#3 Nuts
If you are looking for that extra protein, feel free to go nuts on nuts. From almonds to pistachios, nuts are often a great way to get protein – and make a wonderful appetite-satisfying snack. Nuts are also great to toss into any recipe, from healthy salads to delicious vegan desserts.

#4 Broccoli
Kids might turn up their noses at broccoli, but they don’t know what they’re missing. Whether you’re looking for Vitamin C and K, or just want that great veggie-based protein, you can never go wrong with this classic green.

#5 Asparagus
Asparagus is so great to cook with. Roast them, grill them, steam them – they always come out tasting great and make a wonderful side dish to whatever you’re cooking, year-round. Oh, and did we mention that they’re packed with protein as well?

#6 Brussel Sprouts
Speaking of great to cook with, have you ever tried Brussel Sprouts with maple syrup? If not, you’ve never really experienced this leafy green in its full glory. And, of course, you get a ton of health benefits as well, including a wonderful dose of protein.

#7 Corn
Looking for something a little bit sweeter in your vegetables? Not only is corn a tasty vegetable treat, it’s also a great source of protein. And like beans, it’s very easy to mix into a variety of other dishes.

#8 Potatoes
Potatoes aren’t often thought of as a “healthy” veggie, likely due to the fact that we very often eat them without their skins, and are drowned in butter. However, potatoes can be an excellent source of protein if you eat them with the skins still on. Keep an eye out for particularly protein-packed variants such as russet and red potatoes.

#9 Lentils
If you’re looking for another vegetable that makes a nice “base” for meals, there are other options beyond the potato. One of the most overlooked is the humble Lentil. This legume really punches above its weight – with a ton of protein and even iron, lentils can do just as much as any animal product for giving you energy. Better yet, they’re also filled with other important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and potassium

#10 Peas
There’s a reason that you were always supposed to finish off your green peas as a kid! Not only are they easy to add into plenty of recipes, but this versatile vegetable is also a great source of protein to boot.

Chef V Juice Cleanse and Protein
If you’re worried about your protein levels while undergoing a blended juice cleanse – don’t. Chef V has you covered on the protein content side, mainly through our incredibly nutritious (and tasty) protein shakes. Just like we make sure you don’t lose out on fiber through our tasty soups, we make sure you’re getting enough protein during your blended juice cleanse through our shakes.

What’s the secret? The answer lies in the humble pea. We use protein extract from peas in our shakes to give them that extra boost of protein goodness. This means that you can enjoy your blended juice cleanse without any worry of a lack of protein. So feel free to check out our blended juice cleanses and start planning your detox experience today!

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