Valentine’s Day is associated with romance and all things romantic. It’s unfortunately also associated with sugary treats and big dinners. While those will certainly get your heart racing, it’s probably not in the way you want. We ask you, what’s so romantic about bloating and sugar headaches? However, we’re not suggesting your health goals and habits will inevitably be trampled underfoot on Valentine’s day. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few ways to stick to your health goals and not ruin your cleansing juicing or juice detox diets during February. 

Do your own dinner

There’s an expectation around Valentine’s day that one person in the relationship is going to be saddled with organizing a costly dinner out at a fancy restaurant. The meal is probably going to involve a lot of steak, and end up with tons of sugary desserts. 

It’s a nice image, especially for fancy restaurants looking to lure in customers. But maybe it’s time to consider bringing the romance back into the most intimate of settings, the home. This isn’t to say you can’t enjoy some time out. But if you have Valentine’s Day dinner at home, you get total control over the meal.

That means you can control the portions, and how it’s prepared, to make sure it meets the health goals of everyone involved. You can swap the steaks for vegetarian options, or opt for lean proteins like fish. 

Desserts can be prepared with healthier options. And if you do indulge, you can at least head to the fridge to wash it down with some green drinks. The only thing the home experience can’t guarantee you is someone to wash the dishes.

Restaurant responsibility

Maybe that part about washing the dishes got to you. Maybe you simply don’t have the time or inclination to cook. That’s perfectly okay! It’s alright to want to spend the night out on Valentine’s. But if you’re firm on having a restaurant experience, then it’s worth it at least to consider expanding your options. 

You don’t need to go for heavy meals. Compare your dietary goals with everyone involved, and then try to select a restaurant that fits these dietary needs. Remember, sometimes fun and new is better than fancy and expensive. 

Take the focus off the dinner

Valentine’s Day should be about spending time with the ones you love. So why is it so focused on the dinner experience? Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Have dinner as you usually would that day, and then plan for something else that’s a bit more active and engaging. Of course, given that Valentine’s Day is in February, the best options vary depending on your location. 

If you’re in a colder area, why not try ice skating or other winter sports together? If you’re in a warmer area, why not plan a walk in a botanical garden or a hike in the most beautiful natural settings your region provides? These all let you spend quality time together while still remaining active. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, either. For some people, the real romance is found in mini-putt or indoor rock climbing. 

Back yourself up with green drinks

Sometimes, we just want to indulge. And you know what? That’s okay. One day a year isn’t going to derail your health goals. And you can take steps to mitigate any side effects you earn from that indulgence. Some detox juice can be the perfect thing to fight both bloating and the sugar headaches

And when it comes to detox juice, there’s little better than Chef V’s green drink. Whether as part of a juice detox diet, or delivered to be enjoyed on its own. So let Chef V backup your health with the green drinks, and focus on having the most romantic Valentine’s possible.

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