Did you know that what we eat gets into our skin and appears on our faces? It’s pretty simple — if you eat healthily, you’ll get healthy. Moreover, a wholesome diet significantly gives you rejuvenated and clean skin while helping you achieve your body goals. 

It’s undeniable that healthy skin comes from within; though plenty of skin-care products are available on the market to treat surface-level problems, nothing works best for a glowing complexion than eating the right food that’s also wholesome. 

Chef V also believes in this philosophy, which is why she has radiant and naturally glowing skin. Curious to know how you can get a glowing complexion? Read below to find out some food and drink recommendations by Chef V. 

Nutrients for better skin

The author of the popular book, The Radiant Woman’s Handbook has rightly said that skin care must be good enough to eat. And Chef V couldn’t agree more, which is why she emphasizes including juice cleanses, superfoods, and organic food items in your diet. 

Nutrients are essential for the overall health and wellness of your body. If you miss any of the important nutrients, minerals, or vitamins, it will start to show on your skin and face. Eating for a glowing complexion isn’t as tough as it may sound; all you need to do is say goodbye to unhealthy junk and processed food. In fact, research shows that consuming ultra-processed food items, such as frozen meats, added sugar, packaged cookies, and salty snacks can expedite aging. 

You can fulfill your body’s requirement for nutrients by clean eating. To eat clean means adding whole fruits and vegetables, proteins, fiber, and green drinks to your diet. Look for ingredients or produce rich with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as these may help boost your metabolism, which eventually helps you have clear and radiant skin. 

Food and drink recommendations

If you’re up for taking a step toward a healthy gut and skin, here are a few foods and drinks that must be included in your diet: 


Fish are incredible sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which keep your skin plush, moisturized, and supple. You can add salmon, herring, or mackerel to your diet as all these are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and zinc that reduce inflammation and help cure acne and redness. 


Squeeze it in a glass of water or rub it on your skin; lemons never fail to bring a natural glow to your face. Lemons are great for detoxifying your body and are also one of the richest sources of vitamin C that helps improve wrinkles. 

Dark chocolate 

Chef V gives you another reason to love chocolate, meaning chocolate can elevate your mood and skin. Eating dark chocolate helps improve your skin’s complexion by keeping it hydrated for longer. It’s a superfood with flavonoids that protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Green tea

Green tea helps improve metabolism, but how many of you know it also protects against UV-induced damage? Surprisingly, the polyphenol antioxidants found in green tea work exceptionally well against sunburns. 

Olive oil 

The benefits of olive oil are well known, but did you know it’s also a natural exfoliant for your skin? Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, phytosterols, and polyphenols, which help eliminate free radicals from your body to offer you naturally glowing skin. 


Avocados are a healthy source of fats that keep your skin springy and supple. They also have antioxidant properties, vitamin E, and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols, which help protect your skin against aging and, most importantly, UV-induced damage


Another great food to add to your diet as it contains amino acids and a significant quantity of lactic acid, which helps reduce dark circles and heal dead skin. You can eat it directly or apply it to your face for an instant glow and long-lasting skin hydration. 

Sweet potatoes

You may not expect this on this list, but sweet potatoes can do wonders for your body and skin. It’s an incredibly rich source of provitamin A and beta carotene, which prevents wrinkled skin, sunburn, and dryness. 

Green drink for better skin 

Chef V offers an easy, healthy and tasty solution for radiant skin. Along with eating for a glowing complexion, you should also start drinking Chef V’s organic green drink. This green juice is made from seven certified fresh and organic greens, including black kale, dandelion green, collard greens, green kale, green chard, and green leaf lettuce. 

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