If you’re on a diet, you’ll relate to the idea that food cravings can be your worst enemy. No matter how hard you try to stop looking at that crispy fried chicken or hot chocolate brownie, you somehow end up gorging on them because of those uncontrollable and intense desires. 

The fact that junk food is available in minutes at low prices is among the few reasons why most people, despite being on a diet, crave it all the time. In fact, the quick-pick or instant delivery options contribute equally to the ever-growing popularity of junk food. 

There are harmful effects to consuming junk foods, but their convenience and taste often overpower the will to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Well, the best way to say goodbye to junk food is by taking a few baby steps to move away from it slowly and gradually; or else you can continue reading to learn about Chef V’s results-driven ways and 21 day cleanse challenge that will help you stop binging on unhealthy and harmful junk food with time. 

Why do we crave junk food?

Explaining this is far more difficult than placing an order for a burrito bowl because there are many psychological, physical, environmental, and sociological factors that make you crave and eat unhealthy fast food. 

Without getting deep into it, here are a few reasons which may lead you to crave something sweet and fried.

Lack of rest or sleep 

Many epidemiological studies suggest that lack of sleep may result in increased hunger. Sleep deprivation causes major hormone shifts, encouraging you to binge on unhealthy snacks and sweets. You may experience a surge in ghrelin, a hunger-control hormone that causes you to eat more. 

Food euphoria 

When you’re stressed, tense, sad, or anxious, your brain releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that help you deal with pain. As soon as the level of endorphins fluctuates in your body, you start to eat more because that’s how you’ll feel better both physically and emotionally. 

Everyday routine

Most people with a busy schedule prefer eating junk food because that’s what’s instantly available and requires minimal time to get on the table. This expediency makes it difficult to give up junk food. It can be time-consuming to prepare meals and overall seems easier to grab what’s more convenient and easier. 

Benefits of dropping junk food 

Though it’s complex and challenging for some, when you choose to drop junk food, you’re instantly moving a step toward meeting your body and health goals. In the beginning, you may not witness the desired results, but as soon as you start the process, you’ll start to notice the following changes: 

  • Weight loss: quitting junk foods means cutting unnecessary calories from your diet, which eventually helps you lose weight.
  • Rejuvenating skin: most junk food is made from unhealthy or harmful hydrogenated oils and other ingredients that may affect your skin. But when you quit junk food and eat only fresh and wholesome meals, you’ll notice your skin will glow and appear clearer. 
  • Good overall well-being: by dropping junk food, you tend to create more room for nutrient-rich food items, which eventually helps you to remain healthy. You can add a bowl of fresh fruits, vegetable salads, proteins, and whole grains to give your body a boost of health and wellness 
  • Better sleeping cycle: most junk foods come with added sugar that fluctuates blood sugar levels in the body, which largely disrupts sleep. But when you quit junk food and eat only healthy food, you enjoy proper and restful sleep. 

How to curb junk-food cravings 

Nothing is impossible when you’re determined. So, if you want to say goodbye to junk food, you just need to be determined and follow the tips below.

Plan everything ahead

From everyday meals to daily regimes, you need to adjust your whole schedule to create room for new, healthy habits. The best way is to plan and prepare your meals and snacks for each week on weekends. You can also prepare a list of ingredients or food items you need for your meals to avoid last-minute hiccups or, in this case, substituting them with something unhealthy. 

Add more water and protein to your diet 

Water gives you a fuller feeling whenever you feel like munching on something. In fact, drinking water before your meals will help regulate your portion size. Proteins help limit your appetite by keeping you full and satisfied.

Eat less but often 

This helps you avoid getting extremely hungry because when you starve, you tend to look for easy and quick food options, such as a burger or fries. Always carry a few healthy snacks with you, such as nuts, a protein bar, or fruits that can help deal with your instant hunger. 

Try Chef v cleanse green drinks  

The fiber-packed green juices, detox soups, and protein shakes by Chef V can do wonders for you and your body. They’re tasty, healthy, and packed with organic ingredients that help you move a step closer to a healthy lifestyle. These healthy drinks are ready to consume, so if you’ve got a busy schedule and are still finding ways to remain healthy, this is what you need. 

For lifelong results, you can also sign up for the 21 day detox challenge that will successfully eliminate temptations for junk food and sugar without you feeling deprived. In fact, you can customize this 21 day cleanse challenge to fit your budget and body goals. In this three-week time, you’ll indulge in organic green juice made from fresh ingredients, including green kale, dandelions, green chard, and curly parsley. 

For more details on Chef V’s 21 day detox plan, please feel free to write at chefv@chefv.com or contact us to know our delivery locations

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