When you’re tackling something as ambitious as a 21 day juice cleanse for weight loss, it pays to be cautious with how active you are. However, you’re also probably eager to enjoy the great outdoors while the weather allows it. There’s no reason you can’t get out and active while on a juice cleanse diet to lose weight. You’ll just have to look for low-impact options — and we’ll give you some suggestions to get you started.

Exercising on a juice cleanse

A common question we get about juice cleanse diets is whether or not it’s okay to exercise while doing one. Thankfully, this is a question we’ve already answered. If you want the answer spoiled, it’s yes — sort of. 

While you’re on a juice cleanse for weight loss, your caloric intake will be much lower. That’s sort of the point, after all. If you’re mainly drinking juice, you’re simply not going to have the calories to undertake rigorous weightlifting or sprinting. 

However, it’s always vital to keep limber and moving. Hence the need for “low-impact" exercises that keep you active without risking your health while on your 21 day juice cleanse. But what sort of exercises are best when on the green drink? And which ones can you enjoy during the summer? 

Not everyone wants to be stuck inside walking on the treadmill when there’s sunshine and fresh air to enjoy. Outdoor exercises don’t have to mean running, of course. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

#1 Walking

Why run when you can walk? Getting out for a brisk walk around the neighborhood is a great idea when you’re on a juice cleanse. If you’re taking a quick 3 day juice cleanse over the weekend, it’s a great excuse to relax and browse those local stores you’ve wanted to visit.

#2 Swimming

Swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise, suitable even for people with joint pain. Its low-impact nature also translates well for people on low-calorie juice cleanse diets. But what makes swimming really great is how much more fun it is outside, at an outdoor pool, or even on the beach. 

#3 Kayaking

Rather be cruising over the water than in it? If you live near the water, we recommend kayaking as a wonderfully fun, low-impact exercise for those on a juice cleanse for weight loss. It’s much easier than it looks, and you can do it all while sitting down. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might spot some amazing aquatic wildlife.

#4 Golfing

There’s a perception among many that golf is only for the professionals or the wealthy. However, there may be more accessible clubs in your area than you realize. Even if you don’t want to go out for a full round of golf, driving ranges and minigolf offer a way to enjoy a low-impact activity. Golf is a great way to maintain balance, flexibility, and strength without straining yourself.

#5 Yoga

We couldn’t talk about exercise in a juice cleanse diet blog and not mention yoga. We’re already huge fans of mixing together yoga and green drink. Yoga is a wonderful way to get some low-impact stretching and exercise into your day, without putting too much strain on your body. Even in the midst of a 21 day juice cleanse, yoga is going to be an excellent option for anyone looking to be active. 

Of course, many of us do our yoga indoors, but that’s not a requirement. Anywhere you can take your yoga mat is a great place to enjoy yoga — and a great place to enjoy your green drink as well! Make sure to check out some of our other great blogs on the subject, too! 

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