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Do you ever stop and think “where would I be without my liver?”. If you answered yes- well, you certainly have some weird thoughts! However, you also have a train of thought that is very relevant to this blog. Liver health is super important, but it often gets overlooked in favor of organs with better public relations, such as the heart, brain, and stomach. Understanding good liver health is key to good health overall. And good liver health can be improved through detox juice – as we’ll explain here.

What Does the Liver Do?

You’ve probably heard people joke about their livers when referring to their ability to take in alcohol. That’s actually pretty close to the mark on what livers do – but only the start. Did you know that scientists have identified over 500 vital functions that a liver performs? Some of the most important functions include:
* Regulating the breakdown of fats into useful forms
* Storing and managing excess glucose
* Regulating and producing proteins
* Storing iron for the blood
* Handling Blood clotting
* Removing bacteria from the bloodstream
* Filtering out toxins and drugs
* Processing waste out of the body

Quite a lot, huh? Basically, your liver is your body’s most powerful filter. However, far too many people take their liver for granted. Even the most powerful filter can get overwhelmed, clogged, or damaged. If you want your liver to take good care of you, you need to make sure you are taking good care of your liver.

How to Take Care Of Your Liver

Just like your liver has a ton of different functions, there are also a myriad of risks that it can face if you’re not careful. The following is just a brief list of the ways that you can make sure that you have a healthy, happy liver that is busy doing its job of flushing out toxins.

Eat a Balanced Diet: When it comes to good liver health, nothing is better than getting a variety of fruits and veggies. The green veggies (like you’ll find in our green drink) are particularly good at promoting good liver health.

Exercise: Getting enough exercise is good for pretty much every part of your body, including your liver. Exercising helps burn not just the fat on your body, but the fat in your blood as well, leading to a healthier liver.

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Maintaining levels of fat in the body is one of your liver’s key jobs. If you are over your healthy body weight, it can start to damage your liver. Exercise and healthy eating, mentioned above, are good ways to maintain a healthy weight, as are Chef V’s cleanse programs, like our 21 day detox.

Moderate Your Alcohol Intake: One of the things your liver is most famed for is helping your body process alcohol. It’s only good manners that you try not to overload the poor organ with too much of the stuff. Drinking more than one or two glasses of alcohol a day can start to have serious impacts on your organs.

Be Careful of Medication…: If you’ve looked closely, you’ve probably noticed that some medications come with warnings about liver damage if you take too much. Always do your best to heed these warnings. Your liver is what helps spread drugs throughout your body, both useful and harmful, and you don’t want to overload it.

…. and Supplements: Nutritional supplements seem like a great way to “cheat the system”. You get nutrition, but without having to bother trying to meal plan for it. However, getting your supplements in an inorganic way can often be dangerous for your liver, putting too much of certain vitamins and minerals through it. If you’re looking for a nutritional boost, it’s better to look into food products that pack a lot in – like our detox juices and green drinks, of course.

If you’re interested in giving your liver some extra love, why not look into our 21 day detox? You’ll flush those toxins out of your body, let your liver get ahead on its own toxin-filtering, and give it the nutrients it needs to be in fighting form.

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