Is everyone ready for a real scare? Because the holiday season is about to get started in North America. This means that any health-conscious reader, or just those looking to lose weight, is going to be met with a host of delicious temptations between here and the new year. 

For those vegan readers out there, this time of year presents an entirely different issue from the threat of an expanding waistline. Even if they did want to perhaps indulge once in a while, the staples of this time of year rarely are vegan-friendly. 

This is most apparent at Halloween, where a good deal of candy includes dairy-based chocolate. And the stuff that doesn’t is so full of preservatives and additives that anyone who knows even the slightest bit about nutrition is going to want to scream and head for the exit.

However, there’s no reason the chillier autumn and winter months need to leave you out in the cold. We’ve discussed some general ideas on how to handle Halloween while staying healthy. We’ve also given some great ideas for Halloween-themed treats. But we know some of you have a sweet tooth and won’t be happy until you get some real Halloween candy. 

With that in mind, we’ve put together some tasty vegan Halloween candy ideas. While they might not all be great foods to eat while juicing, they’re a delightful way to celebrate the end of your juice cleanse diet, or simply to enjoy with your green drink as an autumn treat. 

Thankfully, DIY vegan Halloween candy isn’t as complex as it sounds. With a little bit of creativity, you can ditch the processed foods in autumn, so you don’t end up ruining all the hard work from your juice-cleanse diet. We’ll treat you to a few examples of vegan alternatives to some of your favorites.

Vegan Halloween Candy Ideas

“Almond Joy”

Health nuts often go nuts for nuts. So it’s no surprise we’re going to be starting this list with a little almond-y joy. It seems a shame to take a nut as jam-packed with good stuff and then cover it up with all sorts of high sugar, processed chocolate. 

Thankfully, since the concept behind the Almond Joy is fairly simple, it’s not hard to whip up vegan versions at home. All it takes is some almonds (naturally), organic shredded coconut, and vegan chocolate, and you’re good to go! You can find plenty of great example recipes online.  

Candy corn

For many, candy corn is inextricably linked with the “feeling” of the autumn season. However, it’s not a candy often seen after Halloween. There’s no reason to let a good classic languish, so take it upon yourself to resurrect it. Of course, in the interest of vegan Halloween candy, you’ll want to make sure you’re making a vegan-friendly version. Plenty of recipes for candy corn don’t require too much in the way of complex ingredients either. 

Coconut balls

We touched on coconuts when talking about Almond Joy. But it’s also worth pointing out how flexible and versatile an ingredient shredded coconut can be when it comes to whipping up some tasty vegan Halloween candy. As long as you can get your hands on some organic shredded coconut and dark chocolate, you can go nuts with your own vegan candy ideas or take inspiration from the many recipes online

Peanut Butter Cup 

Is there a more classic junk food combination than peanut butter and chocolate? Peanut Butter Cups have long been a guilty pleasure for many of us. There’s a reason, then, that you’ll see plenty of low-sugar or vegan alternative versions of this snack in grocery stores. However, don’t think you need to spend a lot of money buying premium versions. You can easily find plenty of recipes detailing how to make these treats on your own. They’ll be a great reward year-round for finishing a juice cleanse diet or just a great companion to green drinks. 

Peppermint patties

Are you the sort of person who prefers a peppermint flavor to your candy? Just because you’re a picky candy eater doesn’t mean you need to feel left out of all the vegan Halloween candy fun. Peppermint patties can be replicated in a much healthier vegan format by relying on sweet nuts. Many of the examples you’ll find will include cashews for the creamiest fillings


It’s not a mystery why certain types of chocolate bars become so popular as Halloween candy. When you throw in salty and sweet staples like peanuts, caramel, and nougat, it’s no wonder many find these kinds of candy so tasty—and why they tend to be bad for your waistline and blood sugar. Thankfully, there are healthier vegan alternatives to nearly anything these days. If you don’t mind taking on a more complicated challenge, you could try recreating these kinds of chocolate bars using online recipes

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