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SAVE $4000

Chef V VIPS Receive:

2 x 64 oz Bottles Weekly
2 x 3 Day Cleanses
Private consultation with Chef V
Chef V’s Recipe Book
Free Samples

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In the plan:

Weekly Green Drink
or Tropical Green Drink for a year

Easiest, tastiest & most affordable way to boost your metabolism, lose weight, have younger looking skin, tons of energy, mental clarity and good vibes.

Green Drink has Certified Organic: Black Kale, Green Kale, Collard Greens, Green Leaf Lettuce, Curly Parsley, Green Chard, Dandelion Greens, and Apple with filtered water. Only 3 grams of sugar/serving.

Tropical Green Drink has a little extra sweetness from pineapple and mango without sacrificing your health. Only 6 grams of sugar/serving!

green drink

In the plan:

Two 3 Day Cleanses a year

Yes! It’s possible to cleanse your body and reboot your digestive system without feeling famished. Cleansing has never been easier and tastier.

  • Crank up your metabolism & gently get rid of toxins in as little as 1 day
  • No Cravings. No suffering. No energy crashes
  • Contains all the nutrients you need for natural energy all day
  • So Satisfying! Green Drinks, Protein Shakes & Detox Soups.

3 day cleanse

In the plan:

Private consultation with Chef V

You'll receive a 30 minute private consultation with Veronica Wheat, Chef V – an opportunity to ask your questions and learn from a certified nutritionist and successful entrepreneur.

Veronica says: “Most organic juice detox programs do not result in sustainable results. That’s because they aren’t satisfying enough. If you’re drinking nothing but juice, even if it’s organic juice, your body is likely not receiving the nutrition it needs to be satiated.

That’s why Chef V’s Organic Cleanse is the best cleanse. The green drinks, shakes and soups give you all the nutrition you need to stay satisfied.”

Chef v with Green Drink

Chef V Challenge Clinically Proven

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