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This “What do I Eat Today” menu uses recipes that are adapted for the FODMAP diet, a nutritional plan for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

A detox made with lemon and ginger will detoxify the liver and strengthen the immune system.This is a great drink to start your morning and also for an afternoon lemonade. Follow it with a low-sugar green drink for the best detoxifying results in the morning.

Warm Cinnamon Quinoa is an IBS friendly recipe. Chef V’s Tip: My fool-proof way to cook quinoa is to use a rice cooker. Place 1 cup uncooked qunioa and 2 cups liquid (either 2 cups filtered water or 1 cup filtered water and 1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut milk)

Ahi tuna is a low FODMAP food. This recipe is low FODMAP, IBS friendly. Chef V tip – This is great to dip in Serves 2 as an entreé or 4 as an appetizer.

For many people, cooking a meal at home just isn’t whole without garlic or onions. Harsh breath aside, garlic and onions (allium vegetables) possess potent health-building properties. But for certain people with poor digestion, alliums are just no fun. Chef V explains why garlic and onions can lead to indigestion.

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