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Angelica’s 21 Day Detox Success

Angelica describes her Chef V 21 Day Detox Success

Angelica says: “For so long, I’ve felt bloated, clouded and discouraged by the feeling that I’m not reaching my health goals because of constant cravings. Doing Chef V’s 21 Day Cleanse has helped me realize that I am what I consume and all the sugary things advertised as “healthy” or “clean” isn’t as they seem. I cut out processed foods, dairy, and gluten and noticed the physical difference. My before and after pictures may not be as dramatic as others but I definitely feel clear minded, energized, not bloated, and overall better. With my hectic work schedule in the healthcare industry switching from night shift and day shift, it was a challenge to follow the plan to the T but I followed the guidelines and did my best to continue only consuming quality products. This was my first cleanse ever and I encourage all cleansers from any level to try it because the green drink is definitely surprisingly tasty and results there when you commit.”  – Angelica P.

Chef V’s Green Drink Plan

At Chef V, we love Green Drink, in case you couldn’t tell.

But, as crazy as it might sound, some people are scared of the delicious green stuff. They mainly associated it with long-term juice cleanses.

However, you don’t have to be a detox juice cleanse master to enjoy fresh juice, regardless of what’s in it. There are plenty of ways to work some of that green drink into your everyday routine. You might even want to give a Chef V detox a try!

Amanda Patrick’s Kids Like Chef V Green Drink!

Amanda Patrick’s Kids Like Chef V Green Drink!

A big shout out to Amanda Patrick for mentioning my Chef V Green Drink on her super popular Instagram page. I’m so happy your beautiful little girls love Green Drink!

Amanda says: “So I FINALLY found a green drink the girls will ACTUALLY drink ???? Thank you for all the goodies @chefvlife …. the girls (and I) love you a lot!”

Thank you, Amanda! Here’s to your health! – Chef V, Veronica Wheat

Take the Chef V Challenge – A Proven Winner!

Order a 21 Day Detox Challenge – followup with a Green Drink subscription.

Over a 28-day period, the Chef V 21 Day Detox + Green Drink Program resulted in positive health improvements:

weight loss – an average of eight pounds.

‘bad’ cholesterol decreased – (LDL cholesterol) and the ratio of total cholesterol to LDL cholesterol improved. This is really promising for overall cardiovascular wellness.

inflammation – went down 33% (based on c-reactive protein levels).

A1C levels improved, crucial for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and avoiding diabetes.

bloating decreased – relieving the traffic jam inside your stomach.

It’s truly rewarding to see these positive changes happening in just under a month, making a difference in people’s lives.

You can carry out your own Chef V program and experience the proven results! Order your 21 day detox today!

Chef V Life Before & After Success Stories

chefvlife success stories

Above, Chef V clients' before/after photos

Check out these Chef V experiences!

These customers have amazing before and after stories to tell about Chef V's  Green Drink and Cleanses. Many have lost weight and feel “amazing!”.

Chef V customers might start with a Chef V Cleanse, but they continue to drink it daily for its continuing health benefits. Plus, at only $7 a day, it is much more affordable than grocery store brands.

As you can see from these success stories, our customers are happy to tell their friends, family, and us their success stories.

Pashelle's Success

Pashelle success

Pashelle says: “Thank you so much. I work about 13-14 hours a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat junk food allday. Me and the driver of my wardrobe trailer committed to the 3 day cleanse and we feel amazing. Day 1 was the toughtest day Day 2, I saw the difference. And day 3 was an introduction to my New Self. Thank you Chef V.”

Makenzie's Story

Mackenzie success

“During my 21 day detox I lost 19 lbs! My BMI went from 24.0 to 16.9! I am super excited for when I do my next detox because I will be doing the expert challenge! LOVE LOVE LOVE Chef V.”

Michael's Dramatic Weight Loss


“I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this as my morning drink since I started my Green Drink Plan from you. Thank you.”

“I’ve reached my goal weight in June, losing a total of 245 plus pounds over the last 22 months. Chef V has helped in this as my morning drink since I started my Green Drink Plan from you. Thank you.”

Rick's Story


“Wow!… have I been excited to write this review! (READ WITH CONFIDENCE) This is not the first time I have done a cleanse, so I have others to compare it to as well. In a nut shell: CHEF V ROCKS! That’s the simple version. The long version is that the 21 Day Detox is worth every penny, it is a challenge, and it is positively altering! From day 1 to day 21 of the challenge, I lost a total of 22lbs ….and I continue to lose weight. This cleanse has aftershocks. (BOOOOOOOM!) THANK YOU Chef V; for all the countless hours of study you have done to deliver a detox that gives noticeable results and restoration! Thank you, Chef V!”

Insomnia, Fatigue, Stress & Weight Loss Success

sleep and weight loss

How much you sleep and the quality of your sleep play a crucial part in weight management. For the millions of Americans who suffer from insomnia, the most pressing concern is the stress and anxiety caused by chronic lack of sleep.  

Few people think of the connection between weight management and sleep. I think the link between diet and sleep quality is fascinating. Let's explore…

sleep facts

The Link Between Obesity & Insomnia

But first, let me briefly explain why I think the link between diet and sleep quality is fascinating. Mostly, it’s because few people think of the connection between weight management and sleep. For the millions of Americans who suffer from insomnia, the most pressing concern is the stress and anxiety caused by chronic lack of sleep.

While habit-forming sleeping pills are the most common solution, perhaps the easiest and most overlooked sleep remedy is eating a healthier diet. After all, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the obesity epidemic has been paralleled by a trend of reduced sleep duration and quality.

In 2023, products were the focus of an independent clinical trial by Citrus Labs. The 38 participants who completed a 21 DAY DETOX and then continued on a GREEN DRINK plan for 7 days saw vast improvements in all areas of their life. This includes a 34% reduction in inflammation and an average weight loss of nearly 8 pounds, and a 44% improvement in sleep quality.

Calcium In Leafy Greens

When most people think of the bone-building mineral, calcium, they think of milk and other dairy products. But dairy can promote inflammation in the body. A much better source of calcium is green leafy veggies, like the two kinds of kale in my Green Drink recipe.

Research suggests that if you don’t get enough calcium, you may have a more difficult time falling asleep. But there’s far more sleep benefits in green leafy veggies, according to research. These plants also contain micronutrients which may also influence sleep, such as tryptophan, potassium, magnesium, fiber, iron, calcium, vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin, choline, complex carbs, and beta carotene.

And when you drink cold-blended Green Drink, the fiber is preserved. Fiber has been shown to be associated with deeper and more restorative sleep.

Green veggies (and yellow ones) also contain the eye-health promoting antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. Not only do these antioxidants help you see better in the dark, they also help you sleep better. That’s because lutein and zeaxanthin filter out blue light.

Blue light, which is emitted from your smart phone, TV and other devices interferes with production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

In addition, green leafy veggies contain lycopene (another great source: tomato paste)  and beta carotene, which have also been associated with less difficulty falling asleep.

chef v and green drink

Selenium For Sleep

The trace mineral, selenium has also been linked to sleep quality. If you eat sustainable sources of seafood along with nuts, you’re getting enough selenium. Brazil nuts are one of the best sources. They are high in calories so make sure you limit the serving size to just one handful.

Besides its effect on sleep, this macronutrient is also linked to immune function and inflammation response.

Vitamin C

Less Vitamin C intake was associated with non-restorative sleep. Red and yellow peppers contain mega C. Brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli, strawberries and cauliflower are other healthy sources rich in C.

Vitamin B6

I don’t eat that much animal protein. But one reason I include wild salmon in my diet (along with the occasional tuna when I’m at a sushi restaurant) is because it contains a good amount of vitamin B6. Among the many benefits of this water-soluble vitamin (also called pyridoxine), one of them is melatonin production.


Magnesium is important for sleep because not getting enough of this mineral in your diet is linked to problems staying asleep. A great source of magnesium is grains. Not all grains are good for you, however, especially ones that don’t have a lot of nutrients and get digested too quickly. Barley, wild rice, amaranth, and triticale are a few examples of magnesium-rich grains that your body takes a long time to digest. (The longer it takes to digest, the less cravings you’ll have.

eat this not that

Don’t Eat This And That If You Want A Good Night’s Sleep

If you want to fall asleep fast, limit your intake of dairy and meat. Palmitic acid is a saturated fat. It’s found in butter, cheese, milk, and meat. One study shows that diets high in palmitic acid led to an increased difficulty in falling asleep. Another study reported rats fed a diet rich in palmitic acid, were unable to regulate their food intake.

The bottom line is that if you want to sleep better, it’s yet another reason you should get lots of green leafy veggies in your diet. I created the Organic Green Drink to make it very easy to get your daily dose of them. So Drink Up!

And if you need more guidance on what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, when you sign up for a Green Drink Plan, or one of my Cleanse & Detox programs, you’ll receive all my healthy eating guidelines for long-term weight loss success!

To your health,
Veronica — Founder, Chef V


Sleep Symptoms Associated with Intake of Specific Dietary Nutrients

Influence of Dietary Intake on Sleeping Patterns of Medical Students

Sleep and obesity

Chef V and kale

They Tried Organic Green Drink For 30 Days And Here’s What Happened

green drink at pool

If you have Chef V’s Organic Green Drink everyday for breakfast for one month straight, what kind of results can you expect? 

Will Green Drink make that much of a difference in your overall health, energy and mood? Will you really notice a difference after just 30 days? 

After all, you’re American and in America, we want results fast. Find out what people are saying about incorporating Green Drink into their morning routine for 30 days…

Or you might be like Michael, (photo above) and lose 245 pounds!

weight loss success

READ MORE  about Pashelle's success

If you eat two fast food meals a day, will having an Organic Green Drink every morning instead of a typical breakfast help you drop lots of weight? Will it help you normalize your cholesterol levels and give you the endurance of an Olympic long-distance runner? 

Hey, I’m not a miracle worker. 

But after a decade of serving thousands of customers Organic Green Drink, I continue to be amazed by the transformation stories. 

And here’s the common theme:

weight loss success

When Chef V customers break their fast with a 16-ounce serving of Organic Green Drink and eat a sensible diet the rest of the day, combined with regular activity like yoga, walking and other forms of exercise, impressive health makeovers take place. 

And the amazing thing is that these impressive success stories occur within 30 days. Imagine struggling for years with health problems. You’ve tried everything, from fad diets to diet pills, but nothing worked. And if it did work, it was only temporary because as soon as you stopped with the extreme diet, you put the weight right back on. 

weight loss success

Check out K.I.'s heartwarming story –  READ MORE

weight loss success

weight loss success

7 Cold-Blended Organic Dark Leafy Greens Daily For 30 Days

But the amazing thing about the 30 Day Green Drink Challenge—it’s actually not a challenge because it’s so easy: just drink 1 a day! You don’t really have to change your lifestyle that much. 

True, if your diet is terrible to begin with, you’ll have to make some changes. But the good news is if that’s you, I’ll give you all the resources you need to prepare delicious, filling and satisfying meals at home when you choose your Green Drink Plan. 

But if your diet is pretty decent to begin with, you really don’t need to make any radical lifestyle changes in order to experience a very noticeable health transformation. Just replace breakfast with 16 oz. of Green Drink. You can have a protein shake with a plant-based milk after the Green Drink if you need more sustenance before your first meal of the day. 

That’s it. It’s that simple. 

above, Valerie's transformation READ MORE

So what can you expect if you make this one change for 30 days in a row? 

Lots of customers report having clearer skin, thicker hair and stronger nails.  

And way more energy. Instead of dragging in the morning and relying on multiple cups of coffee to wake up, Organic Green Drink fuels your cells with the nutrition they’ve been craving.

You also may notice your digestion has improved. And you can think more clearly. 

And here’s another awesome benefit. Instead of craving donuts in the morning and other foods with added sugars during the day, Organic Green Drink will help curb your cravings for empty calorie junk. 

above, Kortney lost 12 pounds in 5 days

“Every morning I wake up, I have my Chef V drink in the morning, it is absolutely awesome. I’d say in the last 4 weeks or so without even thinking about it (and I already eat a healthy diet) I’ve probably lost 20lbs…”

– John Allen Mollenhauer

above, Brynny's Before and After with Green Drink

Not All Green Drinks Will Make You Feel Awesome

It seems that every neighborhood juice bar offers some kind of green veggie drink. But let the buyer beware because most veggie juices are loaded with added sugars. In fact, some popular juice brands have more sugar in their green juices than cola!

But each serving of Chef V Green Drink contains only 3 grams of sugar. When I first came up with the recipe for Green Drink, I felt guilty that there were even 3 grams. But the 3 grams are naturally-occurring and after I compared my recipe to supermarket brands, I could sleep comfortably at night knowing that 3 grams of sugar is way less than 30 or more grams. 

Plus, the 7 certified organic super greens are cold-blended. That means Green Drink has the fiber, vitamins and minerals you need to experience a noticeable transformation in as little as 30 days or even less. And here’s another reason you’ll notice the difference: Chef V Organic Green Drink contains beneficial bacteria for your gut. That’s something the big juice brands can’t claim because they destroy the good bacteria in the manufacturing process. 

A healthy gut is a healthier, leaner and happier you!


above, MacKenzie's Before and after

weight loss success

Check out what happened to Angelica!

gut health


above,  Nikki's success READ MORE

Green Drink Transformation Timeline

I want you to look back on the last month. It flew by pretty quickly, right? Well, just imagine one month from now. Visualize your health goals. One month is nothing. I wish I could help you experience a radical transformation in just one day. I get being impatient. I’m the same way, too sometimes. 

But in fact, in as little as 3 days, you may notice some positive effects. You may notice a pep in your step and you’ll wake up feeling more energetic. And within two weeks, you may notice a significant improvement in how your skin looks and you may even start noticing that your pants fit looser. 

And just imagine that if you can feel that way within a couple weeks, how you’ll feel after 30 days or even a few months. Again, how quickly did the last 3 months go by? It seemed like just yesterday I bet. 

I can’t emphasize this enough. The best part is you don’t have to make any major sacrifices in order to experience a health transformation. All you have to do is have a Green Drink for breakfast and eat a sensible lunch and dinner. That’s it. 

Above, before and after with Green Drink

Rick's weight loss success

Above, Rick's results


Get Free Stuff With A Green Drink Plan

I offer a 100% Money Back Happiness Guarantee when you sign up for a Green Drink Delivery  Plan. 

And with your order, you’ll get at no extra cost:

  • Chef V’s Eat This / Not That Guide
  • Top 5 Ways To Use Green Drink Guide
  • Chef V’s E-Recipe Book “Making Cleansing Easier”
  • Intermittent Fasting With Green Drink Guide
  • Top 5 Research-Backed Benefits Of Green Drink

success stories

Whitney has type 1 diabetes and uses Green Drink 

success stories

Chef V and kale

Heartwarming Success Story: K.I. Lynn

Doing Great, K.I. is losing weight with Chef V

I hope you’ll take the time to read K.I. Lynn’s wonderful post about her successful and continuing weight loss – her will power and determination to live a healthy life is inspiring to me and I know it will be to you also. I am so proud of you,K.I.! – Veronica Wheat, Chef V

From bestselling author K. I. Lynn on Facebook:

LONG post ahead. I hope you’ll read.

I haven’t updated any of my weight loss because I wasn’t really seeing it, but today, I did. Plus, I hate people seeing me like this.

When I left my job it was not because my books had done so well I was going to write full time. In fact, I was just beginning to edit Breach. I left as just a pause, one that ended up being needed, because within a few weeks I hurt my knee and my beloved grandmother passed away. The next year, I released Breach and my hubs said “Ok, you don’t have to go back to work.” BTW, in that time I’d had to have surgery on the injured knee.

Between the surgery and writing full time something happened that I did not expect.

I gained weight.

It wasn’t a lot at first, but it did scare me when I passed the highest I’d ever been. Then I cried when I passed the number I said I never would.

Each year, I gained more weight. All the travel and stress and another surgery and needing something quick and easy started to add up, and in 4 short years, I’d put on around 100 lbs. That’s a lot of weight!!

I felt terrible about myself. I hated going to signings because I hated how I looked and felt. I didn’t FEEL good.

The biggest thing about weight loss that people don’t understand is that it’s not about WANTING to lose weight, it’s about having the MOTIVATION to lose weight. Wanting can lead to depression as you stare in the mirror, and you lose any desire to eat healthy.

Earlier this year I’d finally had enough. I didn’t have the motivation, but I was sick of it all. Olivia Kelley-Santos had told me about her green drink that she drank that made her feel good, so I went on and saw they had a 21 day detox and I said “That’s what I need. That’s the push.”

I needed to purge all the bad stuff from my body and start fresh. I already knew I want to do low carb. Low carb, not Keto. The box full of everything I needed came in mid-March, right in the middle of working on Welcome to the Cameo Hotel.

The detox did exactly what I needed it to do, and I lost about 20lbs in a few short week. It gave me my motivation, so when it was over, I continued on eating healthier.

I try and stick to a max of 40 net carbs a day. As many of you know, I am a cheese fanatic, and cheese is life and in about every meal. It’s what keeps me going and on a healthier way of living.

For weeks, I watched the scale go down, little by little. I saw a stall, but moved past it. I avoided temptation, and if I did fall, I had only a very small portion.

Then, in July, it happened – I hit my first milestone.

50lbs gone

Elena M. Reyes came to visit and there were some signings, but I managed not to gain any weight. For my birthday I splurged for almost a week eating anything I wanted, because for my birthday, that was all I wanted.

However, that splurge came with consequences. I had the taste for carbs and sugar again. I got back on my diet, but I found I was caving to cravings with little arm bending.

So here I am, doing a small 3 day cleanse with the green drink to get me back on track. I’m down 54lbs in total, and hope to be down quite a bit more by Wild and Windy.

I have goals, and one of them is to get this 100lbs off by the end of the year. I think I can do it. There are more goals after that, but for now, my eye is on the prize.

Just going to keep swimming. 🙂

Pashelle: Chef V Green Drink Success

Pashelle’s Success

Check out Pashelle and her Before and After photos above – she is a real inspiration to me.

Here’s what she says:

“Thank you so much.  I work about 13-14 hrs a day in the wardrobe department of a television show. It is so easy to eat junk all day.  Me and the driver (Tim Piro) of my wardrobe trailer committed to the 3 day cleanse and we feel amazing.  Day 1, was the toughest day.  Day 2,  I saw the difference in my everything. And Day 3, was an introduction to my New Self. We Thank you Chef V!”

Valerie’s 3 Day Cleanse Success

Valerie describes her Chef V Cleanse Success

Oh man did I ever need this! After getting married last summer I let myself “rest” a little too much, I fell off the wagon with exercising regularly and my eating was becoming disastrous. I was feeling tired and bloated. My cellulite was out of control. I was chugging coffee to stay alert. My weight was up to 158 which was a number I hadn’t seen on the scale in a long time… I needed something to kick start my system.

I had tried your green drink (which I loved!) a few years ago and remembered that you had cleanses. I wanted to do the 5 day but had some time conflicts so decided to start off just with the 3 to see how I did, and for sure next time I’m going to do a longer one!

I went to pick up my order at the Borden Street location because of the timing of Independence Day. All the elements of the cleanse were delicious and packed so nicely for me to cart around the rest of my day during a heat wave 🙂 I knew I loved the green drink but I adored the shakes (that cinnamon spice one? yum!), and the soups as well! I also drank the top end of the recommended water, and enjoyed the detox tea in the mornings. No days of the cleanse were really all that hard! I was a bit peckish but usually only around the times where I was due for one of the drinks, and experienced minimal other symptoms except for a bit of “fuzzy” mouth (not sure how else to put it) and a few zits. Unfortunately I had to cheat (a 4th of July BBQ where friends were judging me!) and on dinner of Day 3 ate corn on the cob, salad, and a bunless burger… and then continued the next morning. Now I am 2 days out from the cleanse and had my last big of green drink this morning.

I feel AMAZING. My cellulite is basically gone. My bloat is much improved (wish I could have done longer!). My skin feels luscious and soft. And I am a whole new weight… from precleanse (first picture) to 2 days postcleanse (2nd picture) I am now down to 149. I lost almost 10lbs! This not only made me feel physically amazing but lots of mental clarity as well. Really can’t wait for my next cleanse!

Chef V Three Day Cleanse: Kelly & Agnes’s Success Stories

Agnes & Kelly success

Agnes W. – First Three Day Cleanse and Feeling Amazing!

Hello,I wanted to share my success with Chev V. I did the three day cleanse and OMG!!!, I feel Amazing.

I was introduced to Chef V thru my daughter, who has been using your product for quite sometime now. I’m constantly talking about being healthy. At 70 yrs old, I think it’s important to take care of your body. So with that said, I took advantage of your 50% off deal. Glad that I did this.

The first day was very very hard.!!, yet I was determined to stick it out. Day 2 was somewhat easier, yet still hard for me working in an Office that receives Lunches everyday from the Drug Rep companies. Hard fighting that and not being tempted.. “Still determined” to complete my cleanse…

I must admit Day 3 was so EASY….. I feel great, Lots of energy.. my skin is clear… Just feeling Cleansed. The Best Part, I’ve Lost 51/2 lbs.


Thank you Chef V……… I will be doing another cleanse in a month or two… Thank You.

– Agnes W.

Agnes & Kelly success

Nikki’s Chef V Cleanse Success

Meet Nikki of Nikki Nurtures

I am delighted to introduce Chef V customer Nikki Aguilar. Nikki  is a true renaissance woman with far reaching interests. She’s a self-described “former fatty turned fitty, California hippie with jersey girl roots, cupcake lover, former college cheerleader, rocker chick, hiker, beach bum, pole dancer, and avid writer”. During the day, she works as a producer of movie trailers, navigating life’s ups and down so successfully that she started her blog to document the advice she finds herself giving friends and colleagues.

Nikki recently challenged herself to a  Chef V 5 Day Cleanse. Here’s how she describes her decision:

“A hardcore reset! ‘I’m going to do a juice cleanse’! It’ll help with inflammation, kickstart my metabolism again, and help me stop craving sugar. This sounds fucking amazing! Yessss, let’s do it! Detoxify meeeeee!!! I ordered a 5 Day Cleanse from Chef V. I chose this one because other than 4 16oz juices a day, it included 2 protein shakes and a soup per day as well. A little more sustenance than your traditional juice cleanse, so I was sold… fuck. my. life.”

Nikki sums up her philosophy of health and wellbeing: “Health doesn’t mean sucking kale through a straw and suffering through 2-hour workouts each day.  Your optimal health is achieved from small changes in nutrition, movement, and self-love.  The worst things to do are deprive yourself, overwork yourself, and hate yourself. ” To that end she helps people eat healthy and exercise while nurturing themselves. and loving their bodies.

Her before and after photo shows the results – she looks great!

Chef V Juice Cleanse: Mixed Feelings

Nikki recently posted an article on her experience with cleansing using a 5 day Chef V Cleanse. Titled “Conclusion: Juice Cleanses are for People Who Hate Themselves & Like to Suffer for their Food Sins” she has a distinctly mixed feeling about the experience. In summary, results: Yes! The path: not so wonderful.

For someone whose blog’s About page features the phrase “life is too short to pass up a cupcake”, Nikki took on a real challenge, my Five Day Cleanse. I love her perseverance and the candid opinions in her blog posts.

In summary, Nikki says: “While the cleanse was un-fucking-pleasant to say the least, I did notice quite a few perks and positives. I was less bloated. I had more energy. I wasn’t craving sugar. I was sleeping better. My skin was clearer and my hair didn’t feel as dry. I also knew what it was like to be uber hydrated. So, yes, while I didn’t follow all the directions to a T, I reaped the benefits. All of Chef V’s juice, protein shakes, and soups tasted amazing though. I don’t want to discredit her products because they were honestly great… but I did find out that I’m not LA enough to ever do a juice cleanse again. I’d rather be raw vegan than ever drink that much liquid again. 5 days of an angry body is just too much for this girl.”

I say Go girl! You look great and I am here for you when you try your next Cleanse! – Here’s to your health – Chef V, Veronica Wheat

Giving Thanks: Celebrating our Customer’s Success Stories in 2019

Over 2,300 5-Star Groupon Ratings Can’t Be Wrong

Many of our customers get introduced to Chef V Organic Green Drinks through our insanely-low priced low-sugar juice cleanse deal on Groupon. Our accountant thinks we’re nuts for offering our Green Drinks for such a low price. But many of our customers want to do a juice cleanse but don’t know where to start. And unfortunately, virtually all the conventional big brands of juices, owned by conglomerates such as Coca Cola and the like, are loaded with sugar (see graphic below) and are expensive. Groupon might be a loss leader at times, but if it serves as a launching point for a health transformation, I’m all in … P&L statements be damned!

Currently, out of more than 3,000 Groupon reviews, 75% of them rank as perfect 5 star reviews. I’m not bragging; I’m grateful. Here are some of my favorite recent reviews:

“I lost 7 lbs on the 5 day cleanse. The process to redeem the voucher was very easy. Before I bought this I knew the taste of the juice wasn’t going to be extremely delicious since is a green juice but I’m okay with the taste however the shake wasn’t my favorite but I managed to drink it and I didn’t mind the tea. If this is your first cleanse it might me a little hard to do but is worth it.”

Elena S., August 4, 2018

I got a 5 day cleanse and is was great. As I went through the 5 days surprisingly I wasn’t hungry. It was easy to follow and the results were great. I will definitely use Chef V’s products again.”

Timothy E., April 2, 2018

Great detox program. makes your detox a breeze! Great for busy people that don’t have time to juice at home! I loved the shakes that came with the program. I lost 7 pounds with this detox!”

Jessika H., August 28, 2018

Customers Showing V The Love On Yelp

We also have a great track record on Yelp, with nearly 1000 reviews so far. Thank you so much for everybody who has posted a review. And I don’t mean only those customers who have posted 5-star reviews. I sincerely thank you even if you posted a not-so-flattering review. It’s the only way we can continue to improve. As a matter of fact, the first Yelp review I’ll share with you isn’t a perfect one; it’s 4 out of 5 stars. It comes from Valerie M. of Manhattan, NY, who writes on July 6:

“Oh man did I ever need this!  After getting married last summer I let myself ‘rest’ a little too much, I fell off the wagon with exercising regularly and my eating was becoming disastrous.  I was feeling tired and bloated. My cellulite was out of control. I was chugging coffee to stay alert. My weight was up to 158 which was a number I hadn’t seen on the scale in a long time… I needed something to kick start my system.

“I had tried your green drink (which I loved!) a few years ago and remembered that you had cleanses.  I wanted to do the 5 day but had some time conflicts so decided to start off just with the 3 to see how I did, and for sure next time I’m going to do a longer one!

“All the elements of the cleanse were delicious and packed so nicely for me to cart around the rest of my day during a heat wave 🙂 I knew I loved the green drink but I adored the shakes (that cinnamon spice one?  yum!), and the soups as well!” 

“I feel AMAZING.  My cellulite is basically gone.  My bloat is much improved (wish I could have done longer!).  My skin feels luscious and soft. And I am a whole new weight…  from pre-cleanse (first picture) to 2 days post-cleanse (2nd picture) I am now down to 149.  I lost almost 10 lbs! This not only made me feel physically amazing but lots of mental clarity as well.  Really can’t wait for my next cleanse!

“The only reason it is 4 stars and not 5?  I had to wait for half an hour and make multiple calls in order to pick up my order, the guy said it was loud so he didn’t hear his phone but I was worried I would have gone all the way there for nothing!”

Thank you for the amazing review, Valerie! And thanks for your honesty. We have improved our delivery system so now you don’t even have to come pick up your order … we’ll deliver to you for free!” (that’s a picture of Valerie below)

16 Oz. of Juice A Day May Keep the Doctor Away

I also love this Yelp review from Sharie F. of San Diego, CA. On October 23rd, Sharie wrote: 

We LOVE Chef V!  We have been using the Green Drink and other products over the years as cleanses and re-boots. The sweet potato soup is my fave!  I suffer from chronic illness and and auto-immune disease. After years on various medications, which in itself can make you feel like crud. I have never felt as good as I do when coming off a week long (or longer) Chef V cleanse.”

And here’s one from one of my newest neighbors in New Jersey. Gina V. lives in West Caldwell, NJ, home of our newest commercial kitchen and store. Gina writes:

I have been wanting to try the green drinks for awhile now, so I bought 64 ounces of the Tropical green drink.  Not only does it taste amazing (and i am not a green drink person) but I already feel 100% better than I felt last weekI have more energy and my sweet tooth cravings are gone!  I highly recommend everyone get this drink into their daily regimen!! I love it!! Love everyone who works there and will definitely say it’s one of my favorite places on West Caldwell!! Welcome to NJ Chef V!”

Thanks for welcoming me to the neighborhood, Gina!

I could go on and on with more Chef V success stories.

If you have a health transformation story you’d like to share that our products played a role in, I’d love to hear about it. Here’s my personal email address: …

Until next time, stay cool, calm and collected over the holiday season. Don’t forget to do a little yoga. Even 10 minutes a day works wonders.


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